Send iMessage iOS 16 Time limit reduced to 2 minutes

Apple has added the much anticipated Infinite iMessage Texts on iPhone feature with the release of the iOS 16 update at this year’s WWDC event. With the first iOS 16 beta 1, the new iMessage upgrade allows users to edit or retrieve a message up to 15 minutes after sending, or recover recently deleted messages up to 30 days after deletion.

However, the recent version of iOS 16 beta 4 changes some iMessage rules. From now on, users can edit an iMessage up to five times before removing the ability to edit the message from the long-press menu. The company will roll out this feature in the final version of iOS 16 this fall.

In previous versions of iOS 16 with beta 1, Apple gave users 15 minutes to change their mind after sending a message. So users had to undo messages in iMessage within 15 minutes of sending.

Unfortunately, the latest IOS 16 beta 4 update significantly reduces the amount of time allotted, which is now just two minutes. Yes, you heard it right.

However, the user has 15 minutes to edit the message. But the modified or edited message is logged to both the sender and recipient of the message. In a simple word, “This means the person you’re messaging can see all the edits you’ve made,”

To check all edits, users can also view edited posts in the edit history when they tap Edited text, and all edits will be visible above the last word.

In addition to the iMessage upgrade, Apple has also made changes to the lock screen with support for some widgets and new customization features.

Apple Pay later installation plan has been added with the new iOS 16 beta 4. Also, the most useful Live Activity feature of iOS 16 is there for users to check events happening in real time, such as sports game, workout, ride or a food delivery order right from their device’s lock screen.

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