Safari Not Working on iPhone: How to Fix it?

You’re trying to look up something on the web, but Safari won’t cooperate, or websites won’t load, no matter what you do! Safari not working properly is quite rare case as no bugs have been noticed after the updates, it could be an installation or program issue or even an internet problem. But if you are still having trouble working with safari, then you may want to look it up to fix the problem and find out the reason about what may have caused this problem.

Cracked displays and damaged buttons are easy to diagnose because we can immediately see what is wrong. When Safari or other apps on your iPhone stop working, it usually indicates a software problem. You can generally resolve these issues by upgrading iOS, changing your settings, or restarting your device. However, if the issue still persists, you may need to post about it in the Apple forum for more help.

What could be causing the problem?

Before we begin our troubleshooting, advice, or hasty conclusion that your iPhone may have broken, let’s first find out why Safari isn’t working on your iPhone. Several options are available:

  • A problem with the Safari app.
  • A problem with your WiFi connection.
  • Due to lack of cellular service, Safari is unable to load cellular data.
  • Check other apps to see if safari alone is not working or has issues with other apps as well.

If the content doesn’t load, then there’s a problem with Safari, not your Wi-Fi network. If information doesn’t load in Safari, Facebook, Twitter, or any other program that requires a Wi-Fi connection, your Wi-Fi network is probably down.

Possible Causes of Safari Not Working on iPhone

When we say Safari not working on iPhone or iPad, we mean it crashes, is unresponsive, runs slow, or can’t load pages. It’s not hard to imagine what causes these problems. It could be a network problem or poor network connection, software errors and glitches, or too much data cached in Safari. Maybe some hardware issues are preventing Safari from working on your device.

How to Fix Safari Not Working on iPhone

Update your iPhone.

The first thing to check is whether your iPhone is updated or not. Because with every update you get bug fixes so if there is a problem with the bugs then it can be solved by just updating.

Close tabs.

If you open too many tabs at once, the Safari app will crash every time you try to use it. When you open too many tabs, it reduces the RAM needed to run the app properly, and as you keep using it, it slows down until it crashes on its own.

Clear history and website data.

If you use Safari often, there may be a large amount of data stored in the app, preventing it from loading properly. This is especially true if you have an iPhone with a smaller storage capacity.

Switch network.

Make sure your mobile data is active or that your Wi-Fi router is turned on and you are within range. If everything is fine, your iPhone is probably connecting to a bad network. You can connect your iPhone or iPad to a more reliable network. Open the Safari app again to see if it is now working properly.

Reset network settings.

If you’ve had network issues before, such as no service or pages timed out, resetting your network settings may help.

Experimental features: turn off.

The problem with them, as the name implies, is that they are really experimental and as a result, not all of them perform correctly. Disabling them one by one will help you fix Safari if it isn’t working and find out which feature was causing the problem.

Search engine suggestion: disable.

As you write in Safari’s search box, this feature suggests possible searches. Disabling it solves the problem for many people.

Safari Restrictions.

The limitation is actually the parental controls feature, which allows you to control and manage your device’s apps or content. It is possible that this throttling feature is enabled for the Safari app.

Reboot or reboot your iPhone.

If none of the above options work, you can try restarting the app or resetting your iPhone.

That’s it folks! Have you successfully solved the Safari not functioning issue? We hope the options in this post will get your Safari back to normal. If Safari still doesn’t work properly on your iPhone, you need to contact Apple Support and get it fixed.

Until next time, with another topic. Until then, Toodles.

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