R Download Shortcut for iOS 16, iOS 15 and iOS 14

R Download shortcut download is one of the most valuable shortcuts for iPhone users. Whether you are using iOS 16, iOS 15 or iOS 14, using R Download Shortcut Link you can easily and quickly download videos or audio files from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

We know that every social media platform offers the option to store video or audio files in the app. But there is no official button or option to download and save videos directly from social media. You can certainly screen the content, but it would be so qualitative. Fortunately, iPhone users are blessed with a shortcut called R Download.

R Download Shortcut allows users to download and save any social media content in 480p, 720p or 1080p quality. The best thing about this shortcut is that you don’t have to visit any third-party website or get annoyed by ads. Once you add this R Download link shortcut on iPhone, you can hit the Share button, choose the R Download option and then select the media quality to save the content to the iPhone’s Photos app.

How to Download R Download Shortcut on iPhone

  1. Tap this link in the Safari app.
  2. Then tap Get Shortcuts.
  3. Then press the Set Shortcut.
  4. Tap Add Shortcut.
  5. That is it.

Now you can open Shortcut app and see this newly added R Download Shortcut Link in Shortcut app. Let’s see how to use R Download Shortcut Link to download reels and YouTube videos.

How to Download Videos Using R Download Shortcut Link on iPhone

  1. Open YouTube and start playing the video.
  2. Tap the share button.
  3. Tap the three dots to see more options.
  4. Then tap R Download.
  5. Tap Allow to give permission.
  6. Then select the video quality.
  7. Wait a minute.
  8. Done.

After following the steps above, you can check if you see the downloaded video in the current section of the Photos app. But be sure to credit the original creator of the video before sharing or reposting it elsewhere.

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Using R Download Shortcut Link on iPhone is nice and easy as it allows users to save any video from any social media app quickly. Did you enjoy the guide? Share your feedback in the comment box.

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