Powerful Opera Crypto Browser Released for iOS

Opera Crypto Browser

Good news for all crypto users out there. Popular browser app Opera has now launched its Opera Crypto Browser on iOS devices. The crypto-supported app is based on crypto and Web 3.0 and offers everything about cryptocurrencies right on your iPhone.

Opera Crypto Browser is now available on iOS

After arriving on Android, Windows and Mac; Opera Crypto Browser has now arrived on iOS as well. This gives iPad and iPhone users an unparalleled experience with an assortment of built-in features in the browser.

The app is based on crypto and Web 3 technologies. The developers have teamed up with Nervous, Solana, Polygon, Handshake, Unstoppable Domains, Celo, and ENS to make the browser a truly collaborative reflection. It gives you a single interface to all things blockchain, be it news, industry events, upcoming airdrops, communities, or educational content, to sum up the tip of the iceberg.

Opera Crypto Browser

Apart from that, Opera Crypto Browser gives you access to a large number of features. This includes cookie blocker, ad blocker, pop-up blocker, cryptocurrency mining protection, and a few other chops up your sleeve.

Ads and popups have always been a problem for any browser and with robust blockers under the hood, browsing Opera Crypto Browser is a breeze as the pages load faster than before.

You can also download the Opera Crypto Browser on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices. Tap on the respective operating system to get the direct download links.

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