New things in iOS 16 you should try now

iOS 16 is now available and includes several innovative features that you may have heard of. the excitement surrounding these features, especially the new lock screen customization, editing, unlimited texting, and the nice cutout tool. However, your knowledge of this is only the tip of the iceberg. It just scratches the surface of what iOS 16 is capable of. With this release, iOS 16 received a slew of previously unknown gems. iOS 16 works well with all phones from iPhone 8 series onwards. Apple just released iOS 16.0.2, which fixes several issues that occurred with the iOS 16 upgrade.

While it’s not as visually appealing as the ability to copy text from a movie using Live Text or experiment with the new Memojis iOS 16 capabilities, there are additional additions that should improve the overall iPhone experience. They are definitely worth looking into now that iOS 16 is ready to download and install on your iPhone.

What’s New in iOS 16

  • With iOS 16, the camera app got a whole new set of capabilities. The first is that you are hidden and your recently deleted albums are locked. When you enter the hidden album, you have to use your face ID to open it, and the same goes for the recently deleted album; you have to use your face ID to even access the deleted album. You can rest assured that all the degrading images you’ve erased lately will be kept secret. If you don’t want a face ID on certain folders, you can disable it in the settings app. To free up space, iOS 16 makes it easy to discover and delete duplicate photos. The Photos app automatically generates a duplicate images folder where Apple collects photos and movies that you’ve saved more than once. You can delete the duplicates or combine them, leaving the best duplicate and discarding the others.
  • You’ve probably heard of infinite messages on iOS 16, but have you heard of infinite emails? Luckily for us, you can do the same. After you send an email, an unsend option will appear in blue letters at the bottom of the screen for 10 seconds. If you click on it within 10 seconds, you can update your email draft and resend it when you’re ready. The settings app allows you to change the timing from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. You can also use the mail app to schedule email sendings. When you’re done writing your email, long-press the send button to see two preset times to send the email, or press send later to specify a custom time.
  • Nintendo Switch controllers are now supported for iPhone games on iOS 16. Companies are expected to start producing iPhone covers that support the Joy-Cons, turning your phone into something akin to an iPhone Switch.
  • Live Text, which debuted in iOS 15, makes it easy to copy and paste text from any image. Apple is now extending those powers. When you stop a video, you can use the feature to copy text, which feels futuristic. Furthermore, the Translate app has a camera view, which allows you to choose and translate text for you without leaving the app.
  • When you use Siri to send a text, the assistant now adds emojis as you say them, rather than just an emoticon.
  • iOS 16 also has translation and conversion tools. You can translate text with your camera. Place the camera over the text to be translated until a yellow outline appears around it, then press the text selection and translation buttons to receive your translation. The camera can also be used to exchange currencies. Just point the camera at a price tag until a yellow bar appears around it, then press the text selection and conversion buttons in the lower-left corner of the screen. Those are your converted costs.
  • You may be familiar with the option to share a saved Wi-Fi password with another iOS user when two Apple devices are close together, but this doesn’t always work smoothly and isn’t useful if you’re trying to use a Wi-Fi password with someone using an Android or a PC. Apple has met this need by allowing us to access and share our saved Wi-Fi passwords. Open Settings, then Wi-Fi, then press the detail button next to the network you want the password for, then tap the password and use face ID to access it. The password can then be copied to your clipboard and shared.
  • If you enjoy haptic keyboards that provide haptic feedback as you type, iOS 16 is for you. To enable the haptic keyboard on your iPhone, click on settings, go to sounds and haptic keyboard feedback and enable haptic. This will send vibrations to your iPhone as you write your keywords.
  • With iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, your iPhone turns into a camera for your Mac, ready for FaceTime chats, Zoom, or other video software. You’ll have to wait until later this fall for macOS Ventura to arrive, but once it does, it’s a must-try feature.

That’s it, folks! These are some great features of ios 16 that are worthy of appreciation and worth knowing. Let us know in the comment section below which features are your favorite and what other changes you expect.

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