Most Helpful iOS Apps for Students

Apps have proven their worth for students. Today, it is not easy for students to stay organized and access important data. Students have to attend classes regularly, study for exams and write paper after paper day in and day out.

With the right apps in your iPhone or iPad you make this a lot easier. From tools that can help you write to tools you can use to study or organize your time, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you visit the iOS store.

To make this easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the choices to the most useful tools and apps you can use today.

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There may not be an app for this yet, but you can easily access this handy resource from your phone’s browser anytime, anywhere.

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App for organizing your time and tasks

Technology is now widely used in education. You can use it not only to study, but also to organize your time and your tasks. If you want to do it right and easy, there are plenty of choices in the iOS market for that.

One of those apps is Todoist, a tool with more than 10 million users and a 4.8 rating in the store. It is a simple, easy to use and flexible app with many great features that can help students.

This app uses predictive language, language processing and keyboard shortcuts as its main features. In it you can add tasks with comments, set dates, priorities and tags and even add attachments to your notes.

One of the best things about Todoist is that it integrates with other apps commonly used by students, such as Google Calendar or Zapier. There is a limited free version as well as a paid version if you want to enjoy more features.

App to block your distraction

One of the main culprits for poor student performance in school is procrastination. The reasons for this usually lie in your environment – your phone and the endless notifications, the social media, your email, etc.

This is where Freedom comes into the picture. This app is used by over a million people who need to get rid of distractions while studying or working. It temporarily blocks time-wasting sites and apps so you can focus on your task.

Calendar app for your deadlines and schedule

There are tons of calendar apps out there and yet for so many years one has stood out from the crowd: Google Calendar. This app works with almost everything else you will be using, is compatible with various scheduling applications your school uses, and can be accessed online.

Every college student should have Google Calendar in their phone these days. This gives them instant access to synchronized school schedules, add new appointments and deadlines, and get reminders.

Quizlet for good study practice

Did you know that more than 50 million students in the world learn through Quizlet every month? This app is second to none when it comes to studying and material revision.

In Quizlet you can choose from over 400 million generated sets of flashcards or create your own flashcards. You can use this to practice your knowledge. In addition to flashcards, the app has fun games and different modes, which allow you to practice effectively with the material you have studied.

Shut down

Do you already have some of these apps? If you don’t have them, download the one you like from this list. They are either free to use or have a free version for you to try. These tools will make your college life much, much easier.

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