Microsoft unveils new ‘hardware’ clothing collection

Microsoft Hardwear

Microsoft recently announced the launch of “Hardwear”, the first capsule collection of clothing and merchandise under the Microsoft brand for Windows fans around the world.

With a strong retro feel, the Redmond giant’s nine apparel collection is part of a collaboration between noted streetwear designer and Supervsn Creative Director Gavin Mathieu and Microsoft, united by a common style and philosophy.

According to the company, the Hardware collection reflects Normcore’s style – a lifestyle aesthetic that emphasizes individuals and not the clothes they wear.

“What Gavin designed for this collection reflects the spirit of our discussions to empower people to move and create in a way that helps them make the most impact. Gavin believes that “people are at their highest level of self when they create.” And we believe that expression should be effortless,” said Amanda O’Neal, Microsoft’s director of multicultural and social communications in a press release.

“That’s why Hardwear is simple and designed to reduce distraction for creativity: it’s a nine-piece collection of T-shirts, hats, sweats, jackets and pants. Every piece is intentional and there is a meaning behind every item in Hardwear.”

The Hardwear collection includes two t-shirts, one featuring a classic Windows XP wallpaper and the other featuring a nostalgic Microsoft MS Paint icon. The Windows XP T-shirt with the famous blue sky and green hill screensaver and the MS Paint T-shirt that mimics the app’s original color palette are available for $60 each.

In addition to the above, the Hardware Collection also includes an Inbox Overshirt, a Green Utility Jacket, Sweatpants, Cargo Tech Pants, a Crewneck Sweater, an It’s In You, Not On You Tee, and a Hardwear Hat with the Microsoft 1990 logo. You can check out the full hardware collection in the Xbox Gear Shop here.

It is not the first time that Microsoft has been involved in the clothing industry. In 2020, the tech giant managed to sell MS Paint-themed sweaters and Windows 95 and XP sweaters during the Christmas season. In 2021, a Windows-themed sweater, inspired by “Minesweeper”, followed.

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