Microsoft Edge will soon offer a free VPN

Microsoft Edge

Since its introduction with Windows 10, Microsoft Edge has come a long way. Microsoft continues to add new features to the browser to make it stand out from the crowd and gain popularity among users.

The latest addition to Microsoft Edge is a free-to-use built-in VPN. This newly added VPN service will be named Edge Secure Network.

According to Microsoft, the Edge Secure Network service encrypts your Internet connection and allows you to use some important VPN features, such as the ability to protect your data from your ISP.

Plus, you can even mask your location so you can access programs and services that are geographically restricted. The built-in VPN in Microsoft Edge is powered by Cloudflare.

Once the feature is released publicly, it can be enabled using the three-dot menu. You also need a Microsoft account to use the service.

As a result, your usage is tracked. That said, Microsoft has clearly stated that Cloudflare will collect support and diagnostic information from the service, and the company will permanently delete that data every 25 hours.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Edge Secure Network is that it offers only 1 GB of data usage per month. Obviously, the free-to-use VPN offered by Microsoft is not an alternative to feature-packed paid VPN services.

The VPN in edge will automatically turn off once you finish browsing or close the browser application.

It’s worth noting that the feature is still in development and hasn’t even reached the first testing stage yet.

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