Meta rolls out privacy policy update for Instagram and Facebook

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Meta, the world’s largest social media platform, announced on Thursday that it has started rolling out notifications to let users know that the company has updated its privacy policy, previously known as the data policy.

The rewritten and redesigned privacy policy, which goes into effect on July 26, will make it easier to understand and display the latest products Meta offers, based on feedback from people who use the company’s technology and privacy experts.

“Notifications people will receive today on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger will direct them to information about what to expect from the relevant privacy policies and terms of service in their region,” the company wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

“They also get to see an overview of what’s different. These updates will take effect on July 26, and people do not need to take any action on this notification on this date to continue using our products.”

Based on this policy update, Meta does not collect, use or share user data in new ways and still does not sell user information, it added.

The updated Meta Privacy Policy covers Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and other Meta products. However, it does not cover WhatsApp, Workplace, Free Basics, Messenger Kids or the use of Quest devices without a Facebook account, which have their own privacy policies.

Meta is also updating its “Terms of Service” to better explain what is expected of the company and those who use its platforms. These expectations include the rights and obligations outlined in the Community Standards, such as when the company may disable or terminate accounts, and additional details about what happens if content is removed.

It has also included more details about the types of third parties it shares and receives information with, and an explanation of how and why people’s information is shared between its products, among other changes.

The company is also rolling out a new privacy setting that will make it easier for users to manage who sees their posts on Facebook by default. This new setting ensures that users are sharing with the right people in their community.

Finally, the company said its privacy center is now available to anyone who uses Facebook on desktop and mobile and connects directly to the updated privacy policy.

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