Meet Krafton’s first hyper-realistic virtual human ana


PUBG developer Krafton has entered the virtual human segment with his very first virtual human named Ana. Built with Epic’s Unreal Engine Ana is powered by hyperrealism, rigging and deep learning.

As you might have guessed by looking at the cover image of this article, Ana looks like a real human being. Well, Krafton was able to narrow down the differences between a digital character and a real human using Unreal Engine’s hyper-realistic production technology.

Some of Ana’s most notable human-like features are baby hairs and fluff on her skin, delicate movements of the pupil, fine facial muscles and wrinkles, and natural joint movement all over the body.

In addition, thanks to deep learning technologies such as voice synthesis, Ana can produce an AI-assisted voice to sing and behave like a real human.

Josh Seokjin Shin, the head of Krafton’s Creative Center, began that,

“ANA is a hyper-realistic virtual human created by KRAFTON’s unparalleled technology. We expect it to spark Gen Z’s interest and popularity around the world.”

He added that,

“ANA will release an original music track and expand its influencer activities into different areas of entertainment and esports.”

In the future, Krafton wants to introduce Ana to the entertainment and esports sector.

According to Krafton, more information about Ana will be revealed later this year in the form of images and videos. Share your thoughts and thoughts about Ana in the comments below.

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