Major iOS 15.7.1 Update Issues and Issues

It’s amazing to hear that after releasing such a major iOS 16 software update, Apple still hasn’t pulled the plug on iOS 15 updates. While users will not get any new features in iOS 15 versions, Apple will release its version only to improve iPhone performance for its users. iOS 15 software update versions are now based only on improving performance and getting rid of bugs and unwanted issues. Recently, Apple released iOS 15.7.1 which many users have already installed, and even those users who still haven’t decided whether to go for iOS 16 or not. But sooner or later, users will have to switch to iOS 16 when Apple finally stops providing updates for iOS 15.

Speaking of iOS 15.7.1, this update mainly addresses the security patch and fixes other issues than those provided in the previously updated version. The security patch notes identify 17 separate systems affected by the updated security patches. The update fixes known security vulnerabilities that could potentially put the user at risk. Be aware of your iPhone’s security concerns and anyone who can update to iOS 15.7.1 should do so as soon as possible. To learn more about iOS 15.7.1 security patches, you can visit Apple’s support website.

With all the security patches, the update also came with a few bugs and issues reported by the users. This is some kind of bug where Face ID stops working after iOS 15.7.1 update. There is a confirmed report from the sources that this is due to the new iOS 15.7.1 bug causing the breakdown of Face ID in iPhone devices. The users would receive the error message “Face ID not available” when the users tried to use the Face ID feature. According to the complaint files, the most affected devices due to this bug are iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro series.

“After iOS 15.7.1 update, my face ID not working, move your face up, down, problem constantly occurring.” (Twitter)

“A new bug in iOS 15.7.1 somehow interferes with Face ID, preventing some users from using the biometric unlock on their devices.” (Twitter)

Apple has still not taken any action nor has it found a fix for this bug that causes Face ID to not work properly. Currently, all users facing this issue can reset their face ID, restart their devices and check if the issue reoccurs or not.

At the moment, only Face ID not working or unavailable will be reported, we’ll keep you updated as soon as there is other news about iOS 15.7.1 bugs and security patches. If you encountered any other bugs or issues, please let us know in the comment section below.

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