Mac OS Ventura Compatibility List

If you’ve been following Apple’s WWDC event, you’ve probably heard about all the new and upcoming launches and surprises. Amidst them is the upcoming new Mac OS Ventura.

But with the introduction of a new Mac OS comes the big question, “Is my MacBook compatible with the new OS?” To burst your bubble, we have to confirm that the upcoming Mac OS is not compatible with every Mac.

So, what about yours? We’ll explore all of that in detail in this article.

The system requirements for Mac OS Ventura are quite strict and subjective. So be sure to keep the following checklist in mind to check compatibility.

The following MacBooks will receive the update and can run the latest Mac OS:

  • Standard MacBook models manufactured after 2017.
  • 2018 and later MacBook Air models.
  • 2017 and later MacBook Pro models.
  • Mac Mini models from 2018 and later.
  • 2019 and later iMac models.
  • All iMac Pro models.
  • Mac Pro models from 2013 and later.
  • All Mac Studio models.

Anything before that is not compatible with the new Mac OS Ventura. Given the lack of compatibility of the few models, it is not surprising that the same has evoked a lot of mixed feelings among the Apple users.

The non-compatible Mac models running on macOS Monterey will run smoothly on that operating system and will be supported for another 2 years with Apple’s security updates. Thus, the devices receive the necessary security patches and ongoing Apple support if needed.

Reports suggest that even some of the compatible Macs are unable to maximize support for the said features of the new operating system due to a lack of M1 chip support.

If you were wondering whether or not your Mac will use the Ventura operating system, we hope this article clears up your doubts.

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