Look after! Crypto Miners Sell Used Graphics Cards With Faulty Memory

gpu cards

While the June 2022 crypto crash sent most investors’ wallets into the red, it has forced crypto miners, resellers and internet cafes to get rid of their mining graphics cards by selling them on the reseller market at dirt-cheap rates to avoid they lose. more money.

As a result, several sales sites have been awash with used mining graphics cards, most notably the entire lineup of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards.

While buying such GPUs for a price significantly lower than the MSRP (Recommended Retail Price) sounds like a good deal, some users who bought these used graphics cards for mining are already facing various issues such as faulty memory modules.

A user on the NGA.CN forums recently purchased a used MSI Suprim X RTX 3080 10GB model for 3600 RMB or US$536. However, the user soon discovered that instead of the full 10GB of memory, the model has over its 320 bit memory bus, had only 8 GB of memory over a 256-bit bus. The memory bandwidth of the card was also reduced from 760.3 GB/s to less than 610 GB/s.

Considering how heavily the card must have been used during previous mining operations, it seems that a 2GB memory module on the GPU may have given away and eventually stopped functioning altogether.

With used GPUs flooding the reseller market, interested buyers should be aware before purchasing such graphics cards as there may be similar other modules disguised to show the full VRAM configuration in GPUs.

“Finally, don’t buy a mining card, never buy it, and don’t buy it if you just need it,” advises the Chinese NGA forum user. At this point, it is recommended to stay away from all used graphics cards, despite the lucrative deals that the resellers may be offering.

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