Long-term YouTube Premium subscribers get a year of free service: report

YouTube premium free

Google-owned YouTube, the popular online video-sharing platform, has decided to reward its YouTube Premium customers over six years of free service for a year, according to a report by 9to5Google.

This update was reported by a Redditor u/Mental prison who received a “Time to Celebrate” prompt in YouTube Music for Android.

The message read: “You have been using YouTube Premium for 2222 days (or exactly 3,199,680 minutes) and we want to thank you for your incredible support. We just enabled something for you in your account: YouTube and YouTube Music without ads, offline and in the background. 12 months free. That’s up to us!”

While Redditor u/Mental-prison was the only person reporting this update in the community, a few Premium users have responded by saying that they too should know about the free service in a week or so as they mark is approaching.

Whether this free service is just a one-time occurrence or is made generally available to other YouTube Premium users, we’ll find out more about it shortly.

YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) costs $11.99 per month and allows users to watch an extensive collection of movies and TV series. Any kind of original content on YouTube can be accessed through YouTube Premium. It also offers ad-free and background playback, Music Premium, early testing capabilities of some features, and offline downloads for YouTube videos.

Meanwhile, some Premium users have expressed concerns about the join date displayed in their YouTube app, especially for those who migrated their Google Play Music subscription to YouTube Music. Apparently, in such cases, the subscription date reflects their recent migration date to YouTube Music and not the original subscription date to Google Play Music.

“I’ve had YouTube Red for years, but when Google switched to YouTube Music, you had to transfer the account. So my YouTube premium shows as July 9, 2020 instead of years before. Pretty worthless imo’ wrote a Twitter user.

“Same, was subsubbed to Google Play Music in 2018, including YouTube without ads, but YouTube shows June 17, 2020 like when it joined YouTube Premium,” wrote another Twitter user.

Judging by the promotion and user concerns, it appears that the offer currently only applies to YouTube’s Premium service.

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