Live Activities released with iOS 16.1 update

Within a few days, users will get the iOS 16.1 update and with it, users will get a whole bunch of new features, including those that Apple missed during the release of the iOS 16 software update. at 24e In October 2022, all devices that are compatible with iOS 16.1 will be able to download and install iOS 16.1 and take advantage of the upcoming features and bug fixes. At the same time, users also get iPadOS 16 updates.

When we talk about iOS 16.1, it brings some of the bug updates, which are listed below:

Users reported that after the last update, the deleted communication reappeared in their chat in the Messages program. This issue will be resolved with the iOS 16.1 upgrade. Users reported that while using the reachability feature, the Dynamic Island material disappeared. With this version we hope to solve this problem. Apple can also address the issue where vehicle playback could not connect while the device was connected to a VPN.

With bug fixes, Apple also plans to give us some of the features that users couldn’t get during the iOS 16 update. We can expect that the disappeared iCloud Shared Photo Library will be back on the device soon, and not just on iOS, but we can also expect it to be back on iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura. Users can finally get a battery percentage indicator in the status bar as well, which is quite impressive.

There is another feature called Live Activities that users get with the iOS 16.1 update. So basically live activities are features that came with iOS 16, and the main purpose is to help users be aware of the things that are happening around them and, in the world, and the activities they are performing through their smartphones. be it food delivery tracker or sports game update or uber tracking. All these activities can be done just from the lock screen, you don’t need to unlock your iPhone and go to that particular application to get the updates, but you can just view it from the lock screen of your iPhone. Just unlock your iPhone and check the updates, it will save your time and energy.

Live activities can stay on the lock screen for up to 12 hours. It will work for 8 hours straight unless user closes the application, and during the other 4 hours it will show as activity ended format and after 12 hours it will be deleted automatically.

With the release of iOS 16.1, Apple will likely also support live activities with third-party applications. Currently, iOS 16.1 is available to the developers so that these features can be put to text before they are officially released to the public. And not only that with iOS 16.1 developers can work on adding live activity support to their applications using the ActivityKit framework. It is displayed on both the lock screen and Dynamic Island. ActivityKit will also be released with the iOS 16.1 update.

That’s it folks! Until iOS 16.1 is not released, users can still enjoy the benefits of iOS 16 software update, and after 24e October users can finally upgrade to another level by installing the iOS 16.1 update. Let us know your thoughts on live activity features in the comment box below.

Until next time, with another topic. Until then, Toodles.

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