Kiwi Browser for IOS: can I download?

If you are looking for kiwi browser iOS and how to get it on iPhone devices, you have come to the right place. New iOS users coming to Android can be challenging as there is a complete shift between operating system. There are many things you need to catch up on iOS as an Android user. If you are from Android then you should use browsers like Brave or UC browser or Kiwi Browser so that all unnecessary ads can be blocked. The main question that pops up here is whether the kiwi browser iOS is available on iPhone. Let’s take a look and see if the kiwi browser iOS is available for download on iPhone devices.

What is kiwi browser iOS?

The Kiwi browser is a leading browser with a number of features including a clean user interface. This web browser is based on Chromium and WebKits. We can say that Google Chrome and the Kiwi browser are similar. All Google extensions are also supported. It can run extensions from the Google Chrome Web Store and includes a built-in ad blocker and night mode. In addition, it offers a data storage function and a built-in VPN. It is known for its efficiency and speed.

Can I download the kiwi browser on iOS?

It is no surprise if iOS users want to install the kiwi browser on their device, after all, it has so many features that you cannot ignore. But unfortunately iOS devices don’t support Kiwi Browser at the moment. It is only compatible with Android smartphones. However, developers might consider making it available for iOS in the future. There is no official news or any source claiming that the Kiwi browser will be made available for iOS devices, but we can only hope that it could happen.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the functions of the kiwi browser?

  • Built-in ad blocker: It improves browsing by preventing unwanted pop-ups and ads.
  • Night Mode: At night, your device’s blue light output is reduced to reduce eye strain.
  • You can use extensions from the Chrome Web Store with Google Chrome to provide more functionality.
  • A virtual private network is provided through the built-in VPN for greater security and privacy while browsing.
  • Data Saver: Speeds up page loading by using data compression techniques to use less data.
  • Speed ​​dial: You can quickly reach your favorite websites using speed dial by tapping them.
  • You can change the look and feel of the browser with the customizable user interface (UI).
  • To keep your browsing history secret, you can enable incognito mode or use guest mode.
  • More than 60 languages ​​are supported in this browser.

Can you download the kiwi browser from the app store?

As of now, the kiwi browser is only available for Android devices. And App Store does not support kiwi browser. So you cannot download the kiwi browser from the app store nor can you find it in the app store.

Can you download kiwi browser via apk on your iPhone?

Unfortunately, there are no tweaks or apks or backdoors when downloading the kiwi browser on your iPhone. You can try to look for kiwi browser alternatives for your iPhone as there is currently no chance to get kiwi browser on your iPhone device.

What are the alternatives to the kiwi browser for iOS?

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Edge
  • Brave
  • Google Chrome

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