Is there a GBA emulator for iOS?

iPhone games are plentiful and offer captivating and scintillating visuals and storylines that you just can’t get over. In the midst of all those options, GBA or Game Boy is one of those games that gives flight to the modern games in question.

If you have a retro GBA game that you might love, we encourage you to be aware of the various emulators available for iOS.

This article walks you through all the top GBA emulators for iOS that are worth exploring and checking out.

What is a Game Boy Emulator?

If you are into hardcore gaming, Game Boy Emulators is a software program that allows users to play retro games on their iOS devices.

The primary purpose behind these emulators is to streamline playing vintage games by keeping the old technologies in place. For those new to this world, the Nintendo Game Boy was launched in the 1980s and was a compact handheld game console.

While we’re more familiar with Xbox and PlayStation now, you don’t understand the kind of cultural reset they brought to the world. The GBA emulators work by mimicking those hardware aspects of the game console on your iOS device without any hassle.

Is it legal to use Game Boy emulators?

If you’re wondering if GBA emulators are legal to use on your iOS device, the short answer is yes.

Emulators are 100% legal. However, we recommend that you use your game files instead of illegally downloading or uploading the game ROMs.

Moreover, when it comes to thinking about the security aspect, rest assured that the GBA emulators are 100% safe to use. However, security is highly dependent on the emulator you are likely downloading and installing on your device. That’s what makes the difference.

What are the Best GBA Emulators for iOS?

Considering how popular GBA emulators are for iOS, it is not surprising that there are also different types of GBA emulators available in the market.

For your convenience, we’ll pick out the best GBA emulators for iOS for you to consider:


If you are looking for the latest and most featured GBA emulator for iOS 15 and above, the GBA4iOS is hands down the best option. You can use this software to unlock just about any GBA compatible game right on your iOS device.

This is one of the few emulators optimized for iOS devices and it supports multiplayer so you can collaborate and play together without any hassle.

One of the unique features of GBA4iOS is the Dropbox integration, which allows you to monitor the data across different iOS devices without any worries. However, it is a paid emulator and you would have to pay $19.99/month.

2. Happy Chick

Next on the list of best GBA emulators for iOS worth mentioning is Happy Chick. Not just for iPhones, the software works just as well for iPads. Like the previous one, it works with iOS 15 and above, making it a multi-purpose option worth exploring.

What’s great about Happy Chick is the diversity of games available on the platform. You can find arcade and PSP games through this software to keep you sharp. The software also supports cloud sync to ensure you can access your data across multiple platforms.

3. Delta Emulator

The Delta emulator is very similar to GBA4iOS and is another option that you won’t regret. It supports full speed emulation and you can find a variety of games on different game consoles.

In addition, the emulator has a highly interactive user interface with controller support for a great gaming experience like no other. It also supports cheat code activation, if that’s what you’re looking for. It is also compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive.

4. Origin Emulator

While it’s a bit confusing to pronounce, Provenance Emulator is one of the few GBA emulators that you won’t regret. It allows users to play console based gaming without any hassle.

With a clean layout and easy installation, you don’t need to worry much when it comes to using this particular GBA emulator. The user interface is a lot smoother and easy to navigate which is without a doubt the main reason to try this out.

5. RetroArch Emulator

If the emulator name wasn’t a giveaway, RetroArch is one of the few options that comes packed with great features and games. In addition to controllers, it is cross-platform compatible for the ultimate gameplay experience on an iOS device.

Its diverse library of games is another one of the reasons why it has gained such a great name in the gaming community. However, the platform has a very simple user interface, which is very reminiscent of the retro look of the consoles.


And that’s all for the best GBA emulators for iOS to consider. However, be sure to check out all the individual features in these emulators before choosing one that best suits your needs.

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