Is the iPhone 14 waterproof?

You click great pictures of pool parties on your iPhone 14, and suddenly it stumbles out of your hand and lands in the pool; the party would no longer see your iPhone 14 being dumped in the water. Or, in another case, you are outside and it starts to rain heavily, you are nowhere near a shelter and your iPhone 14 is enjoying the water from the rain in your pocket. iPhones may be the best in town compared to other smartphones, but when it comes to your iPhone dripping in water, you and others around you will no doubt activate panic mode.

Sometimes it also depends on which iPhone model you are using. Lately, Apple has been trying its best to give its users the best performance of iPhone, including making it water resistant. If your iPhone 14 is water resistant, it can be kept after a trip in the rain. iPhone 14 may be water resistant, but it may not be possible to be waterproof. Let’s take a look at the iPhone 14 model and whether it is waterproof.

Is the iPhone 14 waterproof?

iPhone 14 is technically not waterproof, but it is water-resistant and splash-proof. Let’s not confuse waterproof and water resistant. There is a fine line between these two terms that people always confuse.

iPhone 14 can withstand water-resistant conditions, which does not make the iPhone waterproof. So if your iPhone 14 has been dropped in water 6 meters deep for up to 30 minutes, there is a chance that your iPhone 14 will be rescued, with some adjustments of course.

How do we know iPhone 14 is water resistant?

You can quickly know whether your iPhone 14 device is water resistant or not by the IP ratings. To make your iPhone water-resistant, dust-proof, and splash-proof, it must have an IP68 rating.

The IPhone 14 series came with an IP68 rating which means it is water resistant, dustproof and splash proof according to IEC standard 60529.

Can you use iPhone 14 underwater?

Follow my advice: don’t leave your iPhone 14 in the water for too long. Since iPhone 14 has an IP68 rating, there is a chance that your iPhone 14 will be preserved if your iPhone drowns in a pool of up to 6 meters for almost 30 minutes. If you want to click on a photo underwater that only lasts a few seconds, you can, but you have to be prepared for the possible downsides.

Will Apple cover the cost of a water damaged iPhone?

Unfortunately, Apple only covers the iPhone’s warranty if it’s resistant to fresh water. Saltwater in the sea or ocean can damage your iPhone and Apple does not cover water damage as part of the iPhone warranty. If you have Apple + care, you will use your two years of the slot to protect the water damage on your iPhone.

Which iPhones are waterproof?

Unfortunately, no iPhone model is waterproof, but it can be water resistant if it has an IP68 rating, allowing the iPhone to withstand nearly 6 feet of water for 30 minutes.

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