Is it safe to download apps from iOS Haven? What you need to know about downloading this third-party iOS app

If you browse the web, you will find several third-party app stores for iOS. But even one of them is not authorized by Apple.

They offer hundreds of custom iOS apps, widgets, themes, shortcuts and many such things. One such popular option among iOS users is the iOS Haven.

It is just like other iOS app downloaders like Tutu App, Zodhelper, App Valley and many more. In addition to custom apps and games, iOS Haven offers wallpapers, themes, and widgets.

Here we will discuss whether iOS Haven is really a safe haven to download.

How is iOS Haven different from other iOS app downloaders?

Third-party apps like Tutu App and App Valley host several tweaked iOS apps that can be downloaded directly to the iPhone.

While iOS Haven works as an app store search engine that helps you find hacked apps, new themes, wallpapers, widgets, games, mod apps and many other things.

At iOS Haven, developers around the world submit their newly tweaked iOS apps. The collection of various iOS tools in iOS Haven exceeds 2000, which is much higher than the alternatives.

In addition to these tools, avid iPhone users will also find iOS and jailbreak news, updates, tutorials, and knowledge that cannot be found on other platforms.

iOS Haven is completely free and you don’t need to sign up, but creating an account gives you advanced access to new features and other benefits.

How to Download Applications from iOS Haven?

iOS Haven is a third-party app store that offers apps that have been modified, with features removed and added, or apps that are not available in the official App Store.

The site makes finding these types of apps easy by categorizing them in many different ways. There you can find apps to extend your battery life, remove ads from media applications and more.

Here’s how I downloaded Instagram++ on my iPhone from iOS Haven.

Search for iOSHaven on Google and select the first site in the search results. Make sure you are using Safari.

Here there are several categories and I chose ‘Apps’.

In the apps, I selected “Instagram++” to install. I got several ads when I tapped the “Get” button. All you need to do is go back to the original page when you are redirected to the ad pop-up page.

Now the Instagram++ page opens. As soon as I click the “Install” button, a new ad page opens. I came back to the same page again and pressed install.

A popup told me to delete the official Instagram++ page from my device, and I did to try this.

It took a few seconds to download the tweaked Instagram, thanks to my fast WiFi connection.

But what now? There is a popup on the home screen that says “Instagram++ needs updating” and there is another caption below that says “the developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of iOS”.

This clearly indicates that all my efforts were in vain. Even if it had worked, I wouldn’t have logged in with my personal Instagram credentials.


I didn’t find downloading or side-loading tweaks and apps from iOS Haven safe at all. First you have to deal with different ads and then the app may not work.

As we mentioned, developers submit their apps to iOS Haven for trial, and they may never bother to update them.

So I wouldn’t recommend downloading apps from iOS Haven. Stick with what Apple is officially offering and enjoy the ride.

However, if you want to live on the edge, try these things at your own risk.

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