Is iOS 16.1 1 safe?

Even though Apple rolled out a new software update in the name of iOS 16.1.1 just two weeks after the iOS 16.1 launch, users are a bit confused and wondering whether it is worth upgrading iOS or not. that they have to wait for a while to be sure of safety.

Are you one of those iOS users who are tempted for the new update but are worried about its safety? If yes, then this guide is for you. Our experts have thoroughly reviewed this update and come up with the answers you’re looking for. So read the page without further ado and make an informed decision.

Can you upgrade to iOS 16.1.1?

While this new iOS upgrade is recommended for all Apple users, it is still mandatory to dive deep into its performance before embarking on it. In terms of our review, the first 24 hours of the upgrade are incredibly promising; however, reports of bugs with call volume and battery drain started appearing soon after, leaving users confused and frustrated. Since these are some isolated cases, creators are still assured of the security of the update and motivated users to go for it.

But here comes the catch. While ongoing issues remain, new ones started popping up with copy and paste permissions, UI whine, and Apple Music. iOS 16.1.1 focused solely on security fixes; However, Apple still hasn’t revealed what security bugs they are talking about. While Apple has promised to fix an ad-related bug, it’s still in iOS 16.1.1.

What about iOS 16.1.1 security?

Since not much is clear about what security fixes iOS 16.1.1 offers, the official page contains patches for two vulnerabilities, including CVE-2022-40304 and CVE-2022-40303. Apple will not disclose any other information about this; hence the final decision to upgrade is in the hands of the users.

Apple is already testing for iOS 16.2 beta; hence, iOS users should look forward to a new update to fix the existing bugs.

Are you eligible for an iOS 16.1.1 upgrade?

In addition to checking the security of iOS 16.1.1, it is also recommended to check whether you are eligible for the update or not. It will be launched for all devices that support iOS 16, such as iPhone 8 and later. iPadOS 16.1.1 is compatible with all iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini models. If your device supports the upgrade, look no further and activate it manually to see what it has to offer.


So that’s all about iOS 16.1.1. We hope you liked the guide and found it resourceful. In terms of security, iOS 16.1.1 is safe and recommended for users with compatible iPhones and iPads. However, keep in mind that this upgrade doesn’t fix many bugs; therefore, keep your expectations low and upgrade it to go with the flow.

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