Is GBS4iOS safe for iPhone?

GBA4 is considered one of the most popular emulator programs in the world. You can play Gameboy games on your iOS device with any updated version. Many users would recognize this program from the jailbreak store Cydia, but not everyone wants to jailbreak. To be fair, Cydia is not that widely available these days. But rest assured that you don’t have to worry about this GBA4iOS as, thanks to a workaround found, it can load quickly on your iPhone, so you can play those games whenever you want.

As you may know many other emulators require jailbreak but not with GBA4 but this emulator does not need jailbreak to work. In fact, older iOS versions are also supported. Nintendo, GBA and other consoles and hosts are also supported. Apart from that, online multiplayer gaming is supported so you can play with your peers. With cloud server hosting, you can enjoy fast and secure downloads and easy synchronization. With GBA4, there is no need for separate emulators because one-click-play works on all platforms. But might all of these features be a question worth asking, is it safe for the iPhone?

Is GBS4iOS safe for iPhone?

Yes. The iOS developer is well known in the community and takes great pleasure in their work. They have made sure that GBA4iOS is completely safe to use for iPhone users, and because it can run without Cydia, no root access is required, keeping your device well protected. In fact, they have also put this GBA4 emulator through some rigorous testing and can assure us that it is completely safe for iPhone to use.

Again, it is completely safe as it is identical to an app from the App Store. Other than installation, it does not request any permissions or information. Many companies use company certificates to install programs, whether it’s beta testing or installing an app for their company that they don’t want other people to use on the App Store. GBA4iOS does not violate the warranty because it does not alter the software and works with an Enterprise Certificate.

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