Is Fortnite coming back to iOS 2022?

Fortnite is a part of the Epic game that was previously available on the Apple Store. However, after the massive fallout from Apple, there were still rumors that Fortnite could rejoin Apple, but there is a twist. In the year 2022, thanks to Nvidia’s streaming game service that changed its name to GeForce, Fortnite is now launching again via cloud gaming. This means that it will be available for iOS but also Android users can enjoy playing this game.

About the Fortnite game:

It is expected that in 2022 iOS users will be able to enjoy Fortnite on their Apple iPhones via GeForce Now. It is a famous cloud gaming platform. Currently, the game is under the Best test and registration for the players is open for now. This means you don’t have to pay a cent to play this incredible game. There are so many games that come out every year but so far; Fortnite is always at the top.

With Nvidia launching the cloud gaming service for both Android and iOS devices, users will have access to a library of games, such as Epic Games’ Fortnite. This allows iOS players to play Fortnite using the browser of their choice. However, gamers may not enjoy the best experience as the game would be available as beta test.

Several factors contributed to the success of this game such as the free download and the captivating theme. But with its popularity comes even more challenges. And such a pivotal moment was when Fortnite and Apple were in a big battle and this time it was not in the virtual world, but in the actual court.

What’s it all about?

Currently, Fortnite, a popular battle royale game, is coming back to the iOS platform after being banned from the same platform for over a year. In the year 2020, Fortnite was made available through the Apple App Store. But the epic game came with a payment option that didn’t go through the App Store. That’s why Apple decided to ban the game. After the ban, iPhone users were unable to play or even download the game from the Apple App Store. It was then that Epic Game decided to file a complaint against Apple over the matter.

How does the whole problem start?

It has been a long time since Fortnite is not part of the Apple App Store. This partnership was going great until the time when Epic-game came up with its payment terms that were added within the game. This move was no accident, but a business plan, as she offered the game at a bargain price. However, this was not pleasant for Apple and the tech giant was not enjoying it at all. Instead, they demanded a 30% commission for the same, which Fortnite denied by claiming such an approach was anti-competitive.

That’s when the Fortnite developer team decided to sue Apple for claiming that this tech giant is simply violating antitrust laws. The court has ruled out that Apple cannot stop its developers from adding links for payment options other than the App Store. Epic Tea had challenged Apple for its strict payment method, but later the company was removed from Apple regardless of the court’s final ruling.


There is still no clear answer as to whether Fortnite will be back with Apple, but given the question that Fortnite is getting and also that Epic had agreed to the Apple rules; it will be relaunched soon, but only on iOS and not on the Apple Store.

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