Is Apple Watch Series 8 coming out?

It’s a great time for the Apple enthusiasts out there as there are rumors that Apple is all set to launch the Apple Watch Series 8. If the rumors are true, the launch will likely take place during the September 7, 2022 event, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

However, if you were planning to buy the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 and you’ve been looking forward to its release, this guide should answer all your questions in detail.

Apple Watch Series 8 Rumors

With so much speculation already plaguing the market, it’s not surprising that users are constantly looking for the next big thing in the market. While no official confirmation has been released about the model, there are a few floating rumors worth investigating.


While users look forward to a groundbreaking design refinement in the new Apple Watch, the brand has disappointed its consumers time and again with quite similar design elements.

However, rumors suggest that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will be a much more refined version of its predecessors, with a flat-face display. Rumor has it that it comes with a flat glass dial on the front. There are no reports on chassis design or material yet.

Rugged Pro Apple Watch

Another very prominent rumor around the Apple Watch series that has become quite common is the release of a more ruggedized version of the model, especially with a more “extreme sport” version. Rumor has it that the Pro version comes with a bigger screen and a durable metal body to support any kind of usage.

This particular model is intended for adventurers, hikers, athletes, etc. who need access to a more durable and long-lasting product. Also, reports suggest that the screen for this will be one of the largest to date, measuring around 2 inches diagonally.

The screen resolution is also 410×502 pixels, which is quite good for a smartwatch. There are no reports yet on what this new “Pro” version of the smartwatch will be called and whether or not it will tie in with a potential launch with the Apple Watch Series 8 or not.

Optimal health characteristics

Health features have become a mandate in most smartwatches and Apple has been a frontrunner in that case. Reports from the Wall Street Journal suggest that Apple is working to introduce a range of new health features in its smartwatch.

In addition to blood pressure measurement, Apple is also working on integrating the thermometer that can be used for fertility and sleep tracking. It will also come with sleep apnea and diabetes detection features.

While not all of them, some of the above features are said to be integrated into the Apple Watch Series 8. Apple is also working on several health tracking features related to women’s health, which we can expect to see in the upcoming launches.

Track activity

The Apple Watch Series 8 will also witness quite a few upgrades to its activity tracking feature. However, there is no official confirmation of the type of upgrades that come with the model.

Apple Watch Series 8 sizes

Compared to the predecessor, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to have a slightly larger screen.

If the rumors are true, the Series 8 will have a diagonal of 1.99 inches, which is slightly larger than the previous models which were around 1.901 inches.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price

There are no official reports on the price of the Apple Watch Series 8. However, if Apple follows in their footsteps, as the launches of recent years have, the base model will likely be available for $399.

If it launches on September 7, 2022, there’s a good chance that pre-orders will start almost immediately on Apple’s official website.

Launch date Apple Watch Series 8

Current reports suggest that the Apple Watch Series 8 will be launched with the mysterious “Pro” rugged smartwatch along with a newer and cheaper version of the Apple Watch SE. While there is no official confirmation on the release date, rumors suggest that the smartwatch may launch at the September 7, 2022 event.

Keep an eye on this space for more updates and the confirmed release date of the Apple Watch Series 8.

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