Is Ableton available for iOS?

Ableton recently released Note, their very first iOS app. It was released along with Ableton Live 11.2.5 with support for Ableton Cloud. Users can now use the said app to sketch their creative ideas on their iPhones or even iPad.

If you have ideas that hit you out of the blue and you’re confused about where to take note of that riff, Ableton Note is going to make that process a lot easier. The new Note iOS app is a mobile version of Ableton Live.

The fact that Ableton named this feature or app “Note” is a testament to its features and functionalities. It was developed as a way of writing things down as a reference to quarters.

According to the developers, users can think of it as a notepad, but for the random burst of ideas that hit them out of nowhere. The ideas you write in the Notes app can be retrieved later on Ableton Live when you switch to PC.

Most new users of Ableton’s Note app suggest that it takes a lot of inspiration from Ableton’s Live desktop DAW.

In Note, the users get access to eight songs that each support eight clips.

Unlike the standard Ableton Live version, Note comes preloaded with 261 synth presets, 56 drum kits, and a variety of melodic samples that you can integrate into your musical creative journey. However, these features are not only exclusive to Ableton Note. All of these features are also accessible in the Ableton Live version if that’s something you’re looking for.

So even if you start your musical creative journey and scribble random ideas on Notes, you can later transfer them to Ableton Live and continue production as normal.

Another unique feature in Note worth exploring is the flexibility to choose different music samples to record. It works with an external microphone, meaning you can also add a manual sample to the mix to further enhance the tune you’re working on.

Note also comes with a variety of depth controls. It comes with a variety of editing tools, including shift, quantize, and transpose. Users can also leverage the power of automation with this particular iOS app with filters, etc.

Finding a true DAW for mobile is far-fetched and quite ambitious in scope, but it seems that Ableton’s Note bridges that gap quite effortlessly. Also, the seamless integration with Ableton Live is another reason why this app is quickly becoming a public favorite.

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