iPhone Flashlight Not Working: How To Fix?

To quickly use the iPhone as an alternative to the flashlight, Apple has added the flashlight option to the lock screen and Control Center. However, the iPhone flashlight icon was grayed out at times and not working from the device’s lock screen.

I think the iPhone flashlight not working issue is not only happening to me as I saw dozens of complaints about the iPhone camera and flashlight not working on the lock screen. Many iPhone 7, iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 users reported that the flashlight not working on the iPhone issue. However, we managed to get the solution to this annoying problem. Let’s check it out.

How to fix iPhone flashlight not working?

Check the temperature

If your iPhone is too hot or too cold, the flashlight won’t work. If you leave your iPhone below -4 F or above 113 F, your iPhone will not turn on the flashlight. It would help if you kept your iPhone at the normal temperature to use a flashlight.

Check the camera

If you are already using the iPhone’s camera function and turn on the flashlight, it won’t work. Why? Since iPhone users use the camera to turn on the flashlight, you have to close the camera to use a flashlight.

Restart your iPhone

Most minor or major bugs can be fixed with just a simple reboot. Therefore, you can also try this method to fix iPhone flashlight issue. So go ahead and reboot your iPhone.

Reset settings

When you update your device to the latest iOS update, it also faces some issues and conflicts with the system. Therefore, you can reset all settings on your iPhone to fix the flashlight issue.

hard reset

If any of the above methods didn’t work and didn’t help to fix the iPhone flashlight issue, you can do a hard reset on your iPhone to get rid of this annoying error.

Contact Apple Support

Even after hard resetting the device and trying all the solutions above, the flashlight on iPhone is still not working; the last option would be Apple Support. You can go directly to the Apple support page to report the flashlight issue.

The conclusion

The above methods have helped many users to solve the iPhone flashlight problem. If any of the above methods worked for you or if you know any other way to fix this issue, please share with us in the comment box.

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