iPhone 14 not sending images to Android 2023

Many iPhone 14 users around the world are reporting photo sharing issues to Android devices as they are unable to send photos or videos. This problem has been reported by multiple users in the past few weeks and they are looking for solutions to fix it.

Along with iPhone 14, many other iPhone users ask: “why can’t I send photos to non-iPhone users”, “iPhone won’t send photos to Android”, “why won’t my iPhone 14 send photos to Android” and “iPhone 14 pro max won’t send pictures”. These are similar issues reported by the other users here. Let’s fix it.

How to Fix iPhone 14 Not Sending Pictures to Android

1. Enable iMessage

The first and foremost thing we recommend to our users is to make sure that the iMessage option is enabled. If this option is not activated, you may not be able to send images from iPhone 14 to Android. To view this, go to Settings > Messages > iMessage and then toggle the switch on. Also check that Send and Receive option-based email is set up correctly.

2. Reset network settings

Resetting network settings can help fix iPhone 14 not sending photos to Android. After resetting the network settings, the network and settings will be refreshed and you will be able to send media files from iPhone to Android without any problem.

3. Check On Apple Server

Whenever you get a problem related to an Apple server, you should check the Apple Sever related to the service to make sure that the problem is not global. So if the problem is global, you can visit the Apple server page and check the status of the iMessage service. If the service is not available worldwide, please wait for some time for the Apple team to resolve the issue.

4. Update the iOS version

If Apple has released the new IOS update but you are still the older version of the system, you may need help to transfer images from iPhone to Android. Therefore, you need to make sure your iPhone is running the latest iOS version to use any Apple service without any issues.

5. Check and update the carrier

Sometimes the carrier can get you into trouble by sending media files from your iPhone to another device. Therefore, you should check if the new carrier update is available and try to fix the problem. To check that, go to Settings > General > About and then when you see the new popup saying “New settings are available. Would you like to update them now“ then tap Update.


These five methods are a great solution to fix iPhone 14 not sending images to Android. Which method worked for you? Do you know another way of working? Can you share it with us in the comment section?

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