iPhone 14 Color Leaks – Everything You Need to Know

Ahead of the September 7, 2022 event, Apple’s iPhone 14 colors have been leaked and users are very excited about their future purchases. The prevalence of multiple leaks is not for the first time. This has happened continuously and rightly before most major launches.

As for the iPhone 14 color leaks, current rumors suggest that the iPhone 14 Pro may be available in a few color options, including gold, graphite, silver, dark purple, and blue.

Keep in mind that these are rumors at this point and nothing has been confirmed yet. The rumors started after the release of the iPhone 14 Pro dummy models that were released on Weibo.

Furthermore, MacRumors also reported that the available antenna bands in the Gold and Purple models will be in slight contrast to the iPhone 14’s external body color. People are still confused as to whether the image shared on Weibo , which is of a real model or that of a dummy model.

It was earlier in the year that Weibo broke the news that the upcoming iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models will be available in a brand new purple finish. However, the news from then also reported that the purple model could be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Another rumor about the iPhone 14’s color leaks that has caused a buzz is that the model’s purple color will have a unique finish based on the lighting conditions. But reports from MacRumors suggest the color shift could be similar to the Sierra Blue version of iPhone 13.

In addition, keep in mind that most iPhone dummy models released with the leak don’t always represent the real color that Apple releases. So based on that, we can expect that the newer iPhone 14 models may differ in color options.

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