iPadOS 16 supported devices list

So you have an iPad and are excited about the upcoming iPadOS 16 that will be released in October 2022. But the question is, “Is your iPad compatible with the new iPadOS 16?”

Before we move on to the list of all supported devices for iPadOS 16, let’s give you a quick overview of some of the new and improved features that will enrich the upcoming iPadOS 16.

The new operating system for iPads comes with a variety of enhanced features, including a Freeform collaboration app and new messaging and email features, just to name a few. It also introduces some changes to the Files app, Weather app, and an all-new multitasking experience for the users.

With such a tempting list of great upgrades with the iPadOS 16, it’s a question that annoys several users if you’re curious about whether or not it will be available or compatible with your iPad.

Let us walk you through a list of all the list of iPadOS 16 supported devices.

List of iPadOS 16 Compatible Devices

Apple has officially announced a list of all compatible devices that will run iPadOS 16. To be fair, this list below comes straight from Apple, so there’s no room for error.

The compatible devices include:

  • iPad Pro (all models)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad (5th generation and later)
  • iPad mini (5th generation and later)

Exceptions will be Prevalent

While most existing iPads are compatible to support the new iPadOS 16, please understand that not every iPadOS 16 feature is supported on every compatible device.

Some of the most notable iPadOS 16 features are not compatible with iPads without the M1 chipset and above. So the iPads with the previous Intel chipset will lack a few different features.

The main reason many of the new iPadOS 16 features are not compatible with the Intel processors is due to processor limitations. This news has seriously dampened the excitement in the minds of iPad users who have Intel processors in their iPads.

However, the good news is that while some features will not be functional, most of the other new features will work just as smoothly.

Are you excited about the official launch of the iPadOS 16? If so, we recommend that you keep an eye on this space for the latest updates.

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