iPadOS 16 Expected Features

Just in June 2022, Apple previewed the latest version of the iPad’s upcoming operating system, the iPadOS 16. Reports suggest the upcoming version of the operating system will finally introduce the Weather app on iPad, along with a slew of new collaboration features.

Reports suggest that the new iPadOS 16 will also introduce a series of updates to its existing applications, including Notes, Mail and Messages. Also, the Pro features will include a variety of multitasking features and display zoom.

If you’re curious about the list of upcoming features in the iPadOS 16, we’ve sorted them all out for you in this guide.

What are the expected features of the iPadOS 16?

The beta version of iPadOS 16 is already accessible, meaning certain users can already access the new features that will eventually change the facet of usage.

If you’re concerned about what kind of features will be available in the upcoming iPad OS 16, here’s a quick rundown of all the features.


The key feature that will be a breakthrough in iPadOS 16 is the availability of the Weather app for the first time on the iPad. This allows users to view the latest features and information to monitor precipitation, temperature, air quality, etc.

By tapping the separate Weather module under iPadOS 16, the user can access detailed information without any hassle. You can also access a 10-day forecast so users can plan their lives accordingly.

Most of the modules available in the Weather app also provide the user with access to the weather on an hourly basis, which is unlike anything else. From the sunrise and sunset module to keep an eye on the hourly weather forecast, the function will bring a lot of diversity to the table.


Moving on to another feature worth checking out in iPadOS 16 is the Notes app. It allows users to create handwritten notes in a straight and aligned manner for an organized look.

In addition, users also have the option to insert shapes such as boxes, arrows, etc. into the notes they take. The editable boxes in the artboard will also transform the note-taking experience like no other.

The screenshots can also be added to the Note app. The iPadOS 16 also comes with enhanced security, which means that the users have to enter their iCloud password in order to open the note.

The Notes will also be arranged in chronological order for easy reference in the list, making it a superior feature.

Desktop Class Apps

The variety of desktop-class apps allows the users to optimize the iPad display including the file system elements and interactions. It will introduce a variety of customizable features and toolbars that will be a first in Apple’s history.

From Files, Contacts and some system-wide functions, users can now access a variety of functions to personalize the iPad user experience. The search field also appears consistently in the same location and size available. There will also be an instant search experience.

Siri and Dictation

The new iPadOS 16 will also run shortcuts without the need for additional settings. Also, the users can add emojis while sending a message.

With iPadOS 16, users can also skip the confirmation and hang up immediately by simply saying, “Hey Siri, hang up!”

With Dictation, iPad users can access a variety of new experiences on the device. Users can either type directly with the keyboard or write with the exclusive app, Scribble and the QuickType suggestions for channeling the easy dictation process.

M1 Exclusive Features

For the users who have access to the latest Apple iPads with the M1 chipset and above, the iPadOS 16 introduces a number of exclusive features, including:

  • Reference mode:
  • Show zoom
  • Switch virtual memory
  • Stage manager
  • External display support

Now, that concludes all the major features that the users can expect from the iPadOS 16. Whether more features will be added to the iPadOS 16 is a factor that we should wait for the official release.

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