iOS weather app not working

The weather app on iOS is used daily to check the weather. It can be a great help, especially if you want to go on a picnic and see what the weather is like outside when it’s raining or snowing, or when it’s a sunny day. But if the application stops working or does not work as usual, it can be annoying. Recently after the update, many users have reported that their weather app is not working. Although no bugs have been found that could prevent the weather app from working properly, many users have still encountered issues.

IOS Weather App Not Working: Trouble

There were some common issues that came to light for the weather application:

  • Weather app not working after iOS 16 update.
  • Temperatures and weather reports are not updated.
  • Can’t use Siri to report today’s weather.
  • The weather app does not display the location.
  • Weather app widget not working.

IOS Weather App Not Working: Possible Reasons

  • Connection issues: Check your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, if the weather app is not connected to the internet at basic speed, it could be a possible reason why the app is not working. Connecting to good data or wifi is a must to get information about regular updates.
  • If the weather app can’t detect your location, it may not be able to display accurate data or any data at all.
  • The weather app may be experiencing a bug issue due to a software update or may be crashing.
  • The weather app is not up to date, you need to update the weather app from the app store.

IOS Weather App Not Working: Solutions

If the weather app is not updated then this could be the possible reason why it is not working properly. It is highly recommended to keep your application and device up to date.

  • Reinstall the weather app.

Sometimes uninstalling the application and then downloading it again can solve most of the problems. This works if something is wrong with the application

  • Enable Background App Refresh.

Background app refresh allows the program to refresh in the background and use Wi-Fi or mobile network to collect and update data. Changing the background refresh for the weather will be a big help for this problem. To enable it, go to the Settings app > General > Background App Refresh > Enable.

  • Enable/reset location and privacy.

If location is not enabled, the weather app will not be able to provide accurate information and may not work properly. To enable the location and privacy option, go to the settings app > Privacy and security > Location services > Enable.

You can also reset location and privacy by going to settings app > general > reset > reset location and privacy.

Leave this as a last resort, but sometimes when no other solutions work, restarting the iPhone becomes our only salvation. Restarting your device can fix a lot of issues including the weather app not working issue.

That’s it, folks! Try the solutions above and I am sure your weather app will work fine. Let us know if the solutions above solved your problem or not through the comment section below.Until next time, with another topic. Until then, Toodles.

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