iOS 16’s battery percentage feature allows users to show it on the status bar on iPhone

It feels like iPhone users have been waiting for ten years to display the battery percentage on the iPhone screen. Earlier with the release of the iPhone X, Apple removed the battery percentage icon from the status bar. And now the most requested feature from iPhone users is back with the recent release of iOS 16 beta 5.

Beta 5’s new iOS 16 battery percentage feature allows users to add a battery percentage icon to the status bar in the top right corner of the iPhone. The remaining battery percentage is visible on the battery icon. So users no longer have to scroll down the Control Center every time to see the device’s remaining battery percentage or plug in the charging cable to see how much battery is left on the iPhone.

Which iPhone model supports iOS 16 battery percentage feature?

Apple’s iPhones with a notch support this new iOS 16 battery percentage feature. However, many devices, such as the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13‌ mini, iPhone 11 or ‌iPhone‌ XR, lack this feature due to space constraints.

How to Show Battery Percentage on the Top on iPhone with IOS 16

Remark: The latest iOS 16 beta 5 added this long-awaited feature for iPhone users. So make sure you have the latest IOS 16 beta 5 installed on your iPhone device.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Select Battery.
  3. Flip the switch next to the new Battery Percentage option.

After you enable the Battery percentage option in the Battery section on your iPhone, you can see the battery percentage on the status bar.

While most iPhone users praise this long-awaited feature, some find it annoying because they think it looks too ugly when the battery percentage is displayed on the status bar.

However, this battery percentage feature is still being tested in the iOS 16 beta program. We are only a month away from the final release of the stable version of iOS 16. Let’s hope Apple will add this feature to the final version with better improvements .

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