iOS 16 Public Beta New Features

Apple released iOS 16 public beta 1 and iOS 16 beta 4 on July 11, 2022, and these updates include previews of many major improvements and several new features compared to previous betas.

I have installed iOS 16 public beta and checked some new features which are as follows:

YouTube PiP free on iOS 16

Since it was reported that YouTube PiP, or YouTube Picture in Picture, is being rolled out to everyone and with iOS 16 public beta, it has been reported that this feature will be available for free in the US.

While you’re playing a video on YouTube, you can just swipe up and you’ll turn on Picture in Picture. You can adjust the format according to your preferences.

In other parts of the world, this feature is available with a YouTube premium subscription, but I hope they make this free for iOS users around the world as it is already available for free for Android users.

The music widget on the lock screen

With the re-release of iOS 16 beta 3 and public beta, we now have the music widget and its contents appear on the home screen or on the lock screen when you tap the image.

It even works within YouTube, so tapping the image will make it appear, tapping off it will make it disappear. To go to that app, tap the title and you’ll be returned to the app.

The same is true when we get into the music and play music. Then when we go to the lock screen, you will see the widget. You can tap it and control your music. Moreover, it is amazing that the background of the widget will change depending on the artwork of the song you are playing.

It looks really nice and adds an aesthetic touch to the lock screen.

AVIF support

Also, iOS 16 adds AVIF support, a newer codec for various photos and media. It supports transparency, wide colors, HDR and animated images. As a result, it has the potential to replace GIF.

Plus, it’s already supported by other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, so it’s great that they add it to Safari by default. Images now work as far as AVIF photo files.

‘Add to Calendar’ in ‘Stocks’

If a company earnings report is in the works, you have the option to add it to a calendar. This can be useful for traders.

New Shortcuts in Accessibility with iOS 16 Public Beta

With accessibility we have some new features. They were also in beta 2, but more options have been added.

If we go to Settings => Accessibility and then scroll down, we will see Accessibility shortcuts. These have been around for a while, but we have some new options like Apple Watch Mirroring, Control Near Devices, and Live Captions.

HomePod Beta in Home App

In the home app, if we tap in the top right corner for menus and then go to Home settings, we will see a software update option when we scroll down. This is available if you have a HomePod.

Here’s the HomePod beta updates. This feature was available in previous beta updates, but was not available to all users.

Battery Life Improvements

As for the battery life on iOS 16 beta 3 and iOS 16 public beta, it is definitely better than previous versions i.e. beta 2 or beta 1.

However, keep in mind that it is a beta version so there will be some issues but overall it seems to be fine.

iPhone overheating on iOS 16 is fixed!

The phone overheating issue in iOS 16 beta 2 has been resolved in iOS 16 beta 3 and iOS 16 public beta. A few people have reported that even now they are still dealing with the iPhone overheating issue , but the majority have seen improvements.

iOS 16 Beta 4 and iOS 16 Public Beta 2 Release Date

iOS 16 public beta 2 and iOS 16 beta 4 will be basically the same, and they are expected on July 20e. However, it has not been confirmed and is only a prediction.

Because last year Apple had an interval of a few weeks between beta releases. Let’s see what Apple will do this year.

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