iOS 16 Pride Wallpaper Download for iPhone and Android

When iOS 16 launched at the WWDC June 2022 event, everyone loved the new lock screen customization feature of the new iOS 16 update. In addition, the tech giant has also added many new wallpapers, including astronomy, emoji, live, weather and pride. Every new wallpaper is great; many people around the world loved the new iOS 16 update pride wallpaper.

Knowing that the rainbow flag symbolizes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and queer pride and LGBT social movements, many supporters are impressed by the new iOS 16 Pride wallpaper. However, the iOS 16 update is still under beta and it will be some time before it is available to everyone. Fortunately, we have collected the Pride wallpaper for iPhone from the new iOS 16 update. Let’s get it now.

iOS 16 Pride Wallpaper Download for iPhone

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