iOS 16 New Emojis You Should Check Out Now

The most anticipated feature after iOS 16’s announcement at WWDC is definitely the lock screen. If we review all the features of iOS 16, I’m sure the lock screen feature would be at the top. With each new software improvement, our eagerness to test the latest version of Apple’s iPhone software grows. We are all so excited and waiting for the release of iOS 16 where Apple has added a whole host of new capabilities and features. The ability to translate text from captured photos, when you use Siri to send a message, you can now insert emojis into the text, was included in iOS 16. The iOS 16 Emoji changes are one of them.

Remark: Apple for some reason doesn’t have the new emojis in iOS 16, but you get the identical emojis after updating your Apple device.

With iOS 16 already in the hands of developers, many people are wondering if the next version of iOS will include new emojis. Most annual updates include new faces and symbols as part of the package, but what about iOS 16? Three developer betas have been released so far, but there are no signs of new emojis. Here’s everything we know so far about the iOS 16 emoji.

Many of the users might be disappointed with iOS 16 in terms of emojis as many of them including me were looking forward to some new emojis that would launch with iOS 16. So after upgrading your iPhone to iOS 16, chances are we won’t get any new emojis for the collection, instead we will only get the same collections of emojis as in previous update versions of iOS 15.5. (If other updates are coming, we will receive the same emojis as the last update version before installing iOS 16).

Aside from not releasing new emojis, Apple has made a minor change to how emojis will be used in iOS 16. According to Mac Rumour, when you send a text message, Siri can also send emojis with it. When you dictate a particular message and need to insert emoji instead of going to the keyboard and selecting manually, just say “heart emoji” or “smile emoji” and the emoji will be added.

Speaking of the emojis whether iOS 16 will have new emojis or not, Apple has released a slew of new emojis with the 15.4 update. Apple released 37 new emojis with it. And all these emojis will also be available after iOS 16 update. Here is the list of all 37 new emojis.

1. Face melts in a puddle

2. Face with hand over mouth

3. Face with hands over squinting eyes

4. Salute half face

5. Outline of a Face

6. Crooked Mouth Face

7. Face Hiding Tears With a Smile

8. Palm facing right

9. Palm to the left

10. Palm facing down

11. Palm up

12. Touch thumb and index finger

13. ‘I want you’ finger

14. Heart hands

15. Biting Lip

16. Person Wearing Crown

17. Pregnant Man

18. Pregnant Person With Short Hair

19. Troll

20. Coral

21. Lotus Flower

22. Empty Nest

23. Nest with eggs

24. Beans

25. Liquid runs out of glass

26. Mason Jar

27. High Slide

28. Wheel

29. Savior Alive

30. Hamsa

31. Disco ball

32. Low Battery

33. Stool

34. X-ray

35. Bubbles

36. Identification Card

37. Bold Equals Sign

As for Apple’s confirmation regarding new emojis for iOS 16, no official news has been released. Apple has yet to verify details regarding new emojis that may or may not be included in iOS 16.

Until next time, with a different topic. Until then, Toodles.

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