iOS 16 Music lock screen not working

With the iOS 16 release, I was impressed with the new lock screen with depth effect and wallpapers. Also, the music on the lock screen on iOS 16 looks so mesmerizing that the entire lock screen is covered with the song’s feature image. After installing iOS 16, I also tried to make music in iOS 16 full screen on my iPhone.

Initially, I couldn’t get full screen music on iOS 16 lock screen. It was only showing at the bottom. iOS 16 music looks smaller. And then I realize iOS 16 music lock screen not working and iOS 16 Spotify lock screen not working. However, I wanted to make music on the iOS 16 lock screen. So I tried a few trips, and it worked for me. That’s why I’m going to share it here.

How To Fix iOS 16 Music Lock Screen Not Working

Method #1: Tap, Play and Get it Full Screen

Many people don’t know how to get music on iOS 16 lock screen. So let’s start with how to get to the lock screen of Apple Music or Spotify. Play the music first and lock the screen; once the music starts playing, you can tap on the music banner to get it full screen of music.

Method #2: Enable Lock Screen Today

Before moving to another process, you can also enable widgets on the lock screen and today’s view. Many people are not aware of this process so go to Settings app, Face ID & Passcode, type Passcode and confirm identity. Now scroll down and disable the Today View and Lock Screen Widgets. After that, go to Settings App > Face ID & Passcode > enable Today View and Lock Screen Widgets.

Method #3: Enable All Notifications

Sometimes, if the music notifications are turned off, it can also cause the iOS 16 music lock screen to not work. Even if you turned the notification option ON, you should disable it and then enable it again. So go to Settings > Notifications > Music and turn it off and on again.

Method #4: Restart the Music app

If you are stuck on Apple Music or Spotify iOS 16 lock screen not working, you can try to fix this problem by force closing and restarting the app. Therefore, swipe up from the bottom of the current running process and close it. Then you can restart the app and use the first method.

Method #5: Check and Update the App

After installing iOS 16 update on iPhone, if you haven’t updated the music app yet, go to App Store, tap App Store Profile ID and check for the update. If there is a new update, tap Update next to the app and try to enable full screen music on the iOS 16 lock screen.

Method #6: Reset All Settings

Once you update your iPhone to iOS 16 and can’t get full screen music on iOS 16 lock screen, you can also reset all settings on your iPhone to make it work properly. To do this, go to Settings > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset All Settings.


Restarting the iPhone, enabling the widgets on the lock screen and Today view, updating the music app and resetting the settings can solve the iOS 16 music not working issue. Which one worked for you? Do you know of any other method to delete music not working on iOS 16 lock screen? Don’t bother sharing your feedback in the comment box.

People also ask

Why isn’t my Apple music showing up on my lock screen?

Maybe because you don’t have iOS 16 installed on your iPhone, Apple Music won’t show up on your lock screen.

Why isn’t my music showing up on my lock screen?

After installing iOS 16, if you are using an older version of the Music app, it will not appear on the lock screen.

How do I control music on my iPhone’s lock screen?

You can tap the banner to go full screen and use the volume up/down button to manage and control music on the lock screen.

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