iOS 16 Features Wishlist

What if I told you that Apple’s greatest strength is its amazing forward-thinking strategy, but at the same time, it can also be lacking in certain respects. Does it need to be considered? Before jumping into a conclusion, I want to justify my answer. In its futuristic approach and making an excessive list of features, Apple often ignores the smallest details and its features. This affects the entire user experience. Whether you consider this my wish list for iOS 16 features or naive expectations, here’s a list of some basic things Apple would like to implement soon. Features that may seem few, but still have the potential to significantly improve the operating system.

iOS 16 Features Wishlist

1. Hourly Reminder: End Time

Apple takes an inordinate amount of time to implement an hourly reminder system in the Reminders app. The functionality is then unexpectedly removed in one version and then mysteriously restored in the next release. Why is there no off switch? So you can specify an hourly reminder and the time it should start, but not the time it should end. I’ve even experimented with automation to turn off the hourly reminder at a specific time/location.

2. Siri just got smarter.

This is going to be a feature on everyone’s wish list, regardless of the Apple device or operating system they’re discussing. Despite being one of the oldest voice assistants, Siri is still one of the most basic. Apple, on the other hand, needs to pull Siri’s socks up, all the way up. Some important progress has been made over the years, but it remains too restrictive. And now that iOS 15 Siri has improved on-device learning, access to information on the screen, and the ability to work offline, I have high hopes for iOS 16.

3. Different Notifications – Different Sound

When you change the level on your device, the sound of every notification follows, be it a call, message, app alerts or anything else. All I ask of the developers is that they give people an option. I want the phone to ring loudly, messages to be softer and alarms to ring loudly, but reminders should only ring once. Isn’t that a good idea?

4. Home screen apps stick to the grid.

For reasons Apple knows best, the iOS/iPadOS icons must adhere to a strict grid. We can move them, but not randomly place them. Yes, Apple values ​​and promotes minimalism and simplicity. But what if the user prefers clutter, or if his background only works with the icons at the bottom?

5. View saved WiFi passwords

What makes the problem even more frustrating is that you can’t just check the Wi-Fi passwords! Before you can manually exchange saved Wi-Fi passwords, you must first go through a number of procedures. Alternatively, you can create a QR code and paste it on the back of your router. But why go to so much trouble when Apple can make it so much easier?

6. Lock screen: battery status

To check battery percentage, users need to launch Control Center or Battery Widget. The user must unlock the iPhone in both cases. Wouldn’t a widget or battery percentage icon (similar to the Focus symbol) on the lock screen be a better way to get these details?

7. Lock Screen Camera Access: Disable

The ability to use the camera and flashlight from the lock screen is a smart feature; you don’t have to waste time unlocking the phone. The feature is undoubtedly useful, but have you ever accidentally and clumsily activated the camera or flashlight? Since the functionality is for our convenience, why can’t we just enable/disable it as needed?

8. iPhone app predictive dialer

iOS lacks a variety of customization options. When we start entering a contact’s name, a choice of options appears. Why can’t you do that with the keyboard? When we enter a number, a list of options may appear. In addition, when redialing an unsaved number, the previously dialed number may be requested. Wouldn’t that be practical? Apple can make a choice in this. Users can go to Settings and turn it on or off depending on whether they want a predictive dialer or not.

9. View camera photos in Photos app

The library tab shows all photos, including those that you clicked, downloaded, or received via an app. In addition, there are several folders available in the Album tab (Selfies, Screenshots, Live Photos, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.). Surprisingly, there is no option to only see photos or videos taken with your camera. While it’s not a big deal, wouldn’t it be more convenient if we had that option?

10. Burst of Live Photo: Hard to find in the camera roll.

When you scroll through the camera roll, you can quickly identify a video by its timestamp. Burst and Live Photos, on the other hand, don’t get the same courtesy. If you look at them individually, you can see the Live Photos and Burst Mode icons, but not if you see them all together.

11. Wireless OS Recovery

Whether your iPhone is frozen or disabled, the only method to recover it is to boot it in recovery mode and connect it to a Mac or PC (iTunes). But what if I don’t have access to a Mac or PC right now? In such cases, a wireless OS restore will be very welcome. Alternatively, the wireless recovery can be a safe mode version that performs the basic function until the Mac/PC recovery is complete.

12. Snooze is set to nine minutes.

There’s a reason Apple has a nine-minute nap, and I accept their decision. I can’t help but wonder why it’s limited to nine minutes. Why can’t we have customizable snooze time like many third-party applications and customize it based on our rest and wake habits? Is it too much to ask, great developers?

13. There is no split view on iPhone.

It is the option and luxury to have that feature. I am a fan of Split View and my Mac almost always has split windows open. Sometimes there is nothing relevant in the other window, but it has become an ingrained habit for me. Of course, I also want the iPhone’s Split View functionality. Some may argue that the screen is too small, that managing two screens is cumbersome and that the functionality is unnecessary. But I’m pretty sure this could be a great feature.

14. Quick Reminder for iPhone

The feature, which debuted in iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey, lets you quickly annotate and save links, images, and other media. Even if we don’t have an Apple Pencil or a physical keyboard attached to our iPhone, using Quick Note wouldn’t be difficult. That would indeed be preferable than launching the Notes app, creating a new note, and then finally being able to type or paste something. I have exceeded my hopes that the functionality will be included in iOS 16.

15. iPhone widgets require more functionality.

Let’s start with the Apple Podcast app widget. So you can watch the most recent podcast episodes, but why can’t we pause/play them here? Yes, my AirPods can pause/play while I’m listening, but if I’m listening through a speaker or Spotify and want to continue my podcast now? And the rant isn’t just about this gadget.

16. Folders cannot be locked manually.

Why can’t we just use a secondary click on a Mac or a long press on iOS/iPadOS to choose a password protection setting? It shouldn’t be that simple, should it? Yes, we can use third-party vault software to secure your folders and information, but won’t this compromise our privacy?

17. App Library Custom App Folders

When the app library launched in iOS 14, I was overjoyed. However, my joy quickly faded, as these folders are not customizable. The operating system intelligently organizes programs into folders based on what it learns from our use. The main problem is that it does what ‘seems appropriate’. Because despite the fact that technological learning has become more intuitive, it still cannot read our brains. Furthermore, there are no privacy concerns to be expected if consumers want to organize their apps on their iPhones in other folders.

18. Unable to share Wi-Fi passwords manually

I appreciate how Apple’s ecosystem can connect numerous devices with features like AirDrop and Wi-Fi password sharing. All you need to do now is press or click Share Password. However, you have no control over the setting. What about the other two times the message only shows up eight times out of ten? How hard would it be to provide a feature that allows users to ask other users for passwords? If you’re concerned about users being spammed with password requests, turn on password sharing or just contacts like AirDrop.

19. Need a Smoother Split View System on Mac

While I love Mac’s Split View, there’s definitely room for improvement. For starters, why can’t I drag and drop windows to the side to activate Split View? Why bother with the extra step of navigating to the green button and then selecting an option? Yes, I can build and run Siri Shortcuts to get split screen, but that’s also a step too far. Multitasking on the iPad is much easier; why can’t Mac pick up on some of its techniques, especially the multitasking menu?

These were the top 20 upcoming iOS 16 features we can definitely hope for from Apple. It won’t move mountains, but while we’re demanding, why not ask for some extra benefits? Tell us your wishlist and expectation of the upcoming iOS 16 update in the comment section below.

Until next time, with a different topic. Until then, Toodles.

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