iOS 16 Carplay: Cars, Features and Compatibility

If you’ve been following this year’s WWDC keynotes, chances are you know how Apple emphasized their new feature of CarPlay for the iOS 16 operating system. The best part of the process, though, is that Apple has announced a host of amazing changes — some of which will take place immediately and a few others to follow in the future.

Since announcing iOS 16 at the WWDC event recently in June, Apple has only released the first developer beta version of the operating system. So some features currently available in the beta version may change and evolve in the final version.

iOS 16 Carplay: Cars, Features and Compatibility

One of the outstanding features of iOS 16 that most users look forward to is the iOS 16 CarPlay feature. Here’s everything you need to know about the same.

Introducing improvements to the existing apps

The biggest breakthrough with the iOS 16 operating system is the fact that it will introduce a series of improvements to the existing CarPlay apps.

When it comes to messages, Siri hasn’t improved to automatically return a reply once the incoming message has been read to the user. In the previous version, Siri needed an affirmative confirmation from the user to send the message. This will no longer be the case.

If the user doesn’t want to send the message composed by Siri, there is also an “edit” button to toggle the reply before forwarding it.

In addition to Messages, even the Podcasts app is getting a facelift with the new iOS 16. Apple is all set to overthrow and overthrow all the restrictions that were previously restrictive.

Introduce new app categories

Another addition to the iOS 16 CarPlay feature is the list of supported apps for the feature. From navigation to audio apps, CarPlay does not support various options available in the interface.

In addition, the fueling and driving tasks will also be compatible with iOS 16. However, this may change by the time the official version of iOS 16 is available to the public.

There will be a wide range of access to the driving task apps. These apps streamline a user’s driving experience and allow them to organize their driving experience with easy navigation and tow assist if needed in the future.

iOS 16 Carplay Cars Compatibility

  1. Acura
  2. Audi
  3. Ford
  4. Honda
  5. unending
  6. Jaguar
  7. land rover
  8. Lincoln
  9. Mercedes
  10. Nissan
  11. Polestar (new addition)
  12. Porsche
  13. Renault
  14. Volvo

Brand new CarPlay experience

Like most of the other accompanying features that iOS 16 will bring, the CarPlay functionality is also getting a breakthrough.

CarPlay is expected to be visible on all compatible car screens by 2023. However, you should realize that this is a function that is currently running. Currently, CarPlay is available on the primary center console display and provides navigation guidance.

Soon, however, the same will be available on all dashboard displays available in the car. This is expected to further streamline the user’s driving experience.

In addition to the new look of CarPlay, users should look forward to the instrument cluster, which is filled with a range of customization tools. There will also be big and wider screens to accommodate more widgets and make it a more tolerable app.

Apple will also add a feature that will allow users to control their car’s various systems from the CarPlay interface. From being able to adjust the AC to turning on the seat vents, it probably covers everything.

However, there is a list of the “most advanced” features that are currently in the works and will be announced in the cars by the end of 2023. The list of compatible cards may also be announced by then.


Currently, iOS 16 is in developer beta. So what kind of features come even with the CarPlay specification is a factor that the users will have to wait for the official availability of iOS 16 operating system for all compatible iPhone users. It will likely be available in September 2022.

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