iOS 16 beta 5 new features

Apple just released iOS 16 beta 5 to registered developers, less than two weeks after the previous beta, and it should be available to public beta testers very soon. This update is nearing completion, so it should be more stable. In addition to this iOS release, Apple has also released iPad OS 16 beta 5, watch OS 9 beta 5, Mac OS Ventura beta 5, tvos 16 beta 5, and homepod OS 16 beta 5. It’s 1.34 gigabytes on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but the size will depend on your device and the version you’re coming from, which is beta 4 of course. Apple has made iOS 16 Beta 5 build number 20A5339d available to developers.

iOS 16 beta 5 new features

You might think all the major new features were announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference and released in the first few betas, but you’d be wrong as we just got a major new feature in beta 5 with some bug fixes from the previous beta. .

Bug fixes

The two major bug fixes made in beta 5. There was a lagging issue of volume sliders in Control Center and system-wide volume buttons which is now fixed in beta 5. Also, Waze (a third-party navigation app) also crashed unexpectedly, in beta 5 this won’t be a problem anymore as it has been fixed.

Battery percentage

Battery percentage as removed from the status bar with the release of iPhone X, but now with beta 5 we get this feature back. You can turn this feature on or off by going to Settings > Battery. When enabled, the battery percentage will be displayed on the battery icon in the top right corner. With the exception of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini, the battery level is available on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models. It’s also available on the iPhone X and XS, but not the iPhone 11 or XR.


We play a song and then we go to the lock screen, you will see we have the lock screen widget, but it has a new waveform here when the music plays, when we pause the music the waveform disappears, so that’s just a small update for now. Also within music, if we go into an album there is more information about this compared to the information we got during beta 4.

New sound for Find My

You are going to try to find “find my”, let’s say your iPhone 13 or other has a new sound. So if you go to my apple watch I just find it under devices search will play a sound and give it a moment to connect and it should play us so that’s the new sound if you try to look in the device. It’s a bit louder and different from the sound that was available in previous versions of iOS 16.

Screenshots: ‘Copy and delete’

Previously, after taking a screenshot, the menu offered options to save to Quick Note or Files, delete and save to photos. A copy and delete option has now been added. This will probably make our camera rolls a little less clogged with screenshots. When you take a screenshot with iOS 16 beta 5, a new “copy and delete” option will appear. This option allows you to quickly copy a screenshot to the clipboard after taking it. Then the image can be pasted into an email, message, or notes.

Zoom perspective

No perspective zoom in iOS 16 beta 5. For Lock screen wallpapers, the Perspective Zoom feature has been removed. The switch to turn it off has also been removed. It’s a feature that has been available on iPhones for some time and may be added again in a future beta.

Other function:

If you scroll all the way down to the battery, you’ll see we have a new section and the continuity camera icon, so if you’re using continuity camera with mac OS Ventura, this will actually show you how much time it’s been using, you have a minute on the wallpaper will need to connect it to show this too, but we have a new icon for it.

There are some trending features of iOS 16 beta 5. if you noticed other features, please share them through the comment section below.

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