IOS 16 beta 3 changes

With each new developer beta that comes out, we’re getting closer to the release of the iOS 16 public beta. On July 6e 2022 Apple has released a new beta version of iOS 16. With the release of iOS 16 beta 3, we can expect the release of the public beta version soon. According to Marg Gurman Bloomberg reporter, Apple has paved the way for the public beta and we will soon be getting iOS16 beta by 11e July 2022. iOS 16 beta 3 is currently available for download on Apple’s developers site. As expected, the beta version comes with a bang. It is going to include some new features that were not previously featured in any version of iOS software.

IOS 16 beta 3 changes

Before we could get the public beta, the developer beta gives us the hints and peaks about the features we’ll be getting on our iP soontaunt. iOS 26 beta 3 will feature all-new features, as well as the arrival of a potential release that was first teased during Apple’s iOS 16 preview.

It’s also worth noting that changes and improvements aren’t always linear, especially in early beta versions. This means that something that worked in iOS 16 beta 2 may no longer work in iOS 16 beta 3. Besides, as I’ve always said beta versions can only be used at your own risk, I’d rather suggest you wait for the official release of a software update.

  • Lockdown Mode: This mode is known as a security measure and should only be used if you believe you are being watched. When you enable it, attachments in Messages, including links, are disabled, certain web technologies are blocked, FaceTime calls and requests from strangers sent through Apple services are blocked, and other features are disabled.
  • Shared Library: iCloud Shared Library is introduced with iOS 16 developer beta. It allows us to automatically/manually share photos and videos with our friends and family up to 6 people via the cloud. You can find this feature in the Settings app under Photos.
  • Wallpapers: A new clownfish wallpaper has been added. You can find the similarities of this wallpaper as it is the same one that Steve Jobs previewed in 2007 with the release of the first iPhone. However, this wallpaper does not appear for everyone.
  • Fonts: iOS 16 beta 3 includes 2 new fonts. Previously we had only 6 fonts to choose from, now we get the option of 8 fonts.
  • AFib History Health App: Health app now supports AFib History. First announced at WWDC, this feature lets you view your Apple Watch AFib data over time to detect when a person is experiencing an irregular heartbeat and for how long.
  • Reminders App: The Reminders app now has a new setting that allows you to include both today’s overdue and due tasks in the badge that will appear above the app’s icon.
  • Wallet app: Wallet app now supports virtual cards with iOS 16 beta 3 version. You can use virtual cards stored in Safari with Apple Pay.

Developers beta 3 of iOS 16 is available for you to download. Grab your beta versions so you can take advantage of these exciting new features. Also let us know in the comment section what are the other new changes you noticed?

Until next time, with a different topic. Until then, Toodles.

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