iOS 16.4 beta download & features

Now that iOS 16.3 is out with its new features of homepod, advanced security settings, physical privacy key, etc., it’s time to move on and shift our focus to the next possible update, which is iOS 16.4. But before we get the official version of iOS 16.4, the beta version will be released. iOS 16.3 came in and gave us satisfying features but now we have to look for iOS 16.4 beta and what features it brings. In this article, let’s talk about iOS 16.4 beta and its features and download date.

iOS 16.4 beta: everything you need to know!

Before iOS 16.4 is officially released, the iOS 16.4 beta operating system will be made available to developers and the general public for testing and input. The iOS 16.4 beta can be used by developers to test their applications and ensure they work with the next release.

Apple is apparently already testing a second version of its redesigned architecture for the Home app, the company’s software that manages HomeKit-enabled smart home gadgets, according to internal code discovered by MacRumors. Apple did state that the Sound Recognition feature will be the updated Home architecture with the release of the second-generation HomePod, but we might see the architecture upgrade before Sound Recognition is available.

There are no new predictions for the iOS 16.4 beta features, but we’ll update you as soon as there’s any new news about it.

Has iOS 16.4 beta been released?

Apple’s iOS 16.4 beta has not yet been released. There is no beta version of iOS 16.4 yet. Currently, Apple has not made any statements about io 16.4 beta and has no source information about it. but we expect iOS 16.4 beta to be released in March 2023.

iOS 16.4 beta has not been released yet and there is no official date when it will be released, however you can save the download process for later when the beta version comes out.

Can you install iOS 16.4 beta on your iPhone?

Only authorized iOS developers have access to the developer update, a version of the iOS operating system that allows them to test the latest features in their apps. While this software version is usually more stable than the beta version, it is not intended for general public use. But you can definitely join the public beta and install iOS 16.4 beta on your iPhone device. Here’s how you can do it.

iOS 16.4 Beta: Download

You must enroll in the Apple Beta Software Program to download the iOS beta. After you register and enroll your device, you can use the Software Update feature on your device to download and install the iOS beta. Be careful when using beta software versions, as they tend to be less stable and prone to problems.

STEP 1: Registration

  1. Use Safari or another web browser on your iPhone to visit
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password after selecting Sign in.
  3. Tap Trust to allow Safari to download the beta profile.
  4. You will be sent to the download page after you have completed the registration process. Select “enroll your iOS device” by tapping it.
  5. Tap the Download Profile icon when you’re done scrolling down.
  6. Click Allow to download the profile.
  7. Your iPhone will download the profile. The profile should now be installed.

STEP 2: install

  1. Select General from the Settings app menu.
  2. At this point, select “VPN & Device Manager”.
  3. Click on the profile that has been downloaded.
  4. Then click Install.
  5. Review the terms and conditions message, then click the Install button in the top right corner.
  6. If you choose Install, it will be confirmed. The beta profile is then installed on your iPhone.
  7. Choose Restart for the changes to take effect after installation.

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