iOS 16.3 release date and feature

Since iOS 16.2 was released with no major bugs or issues reported, it was the right time for Apple to release the iOS 16.3 beta and bring the new features with it. Since the beta version has just been released, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions and set our expectations high. Let’s hope Apple keeps its reputation under wraps and just as Apple Music’s singing feature was a surprise to its users, we continue to see similar surprises from iOS 16.3. Let’s get into more details and know when it will be released and the expected features of iOS 16.3

iOS 16.3 release date

Apple just released iOS 16.3 beta 1 to registered developers, just one day after the public release of iOS 16.2 on December 15e, 2022. In addition to iOS 16.3 beta 1, Apple also released iPadOS 16.3 beta 1, macOS 13.2 beta 1, watchOS 9.3 beta 1, tvOS 16.3 beta 1, and homepod OS 16.3 beta 1.

Now if you look at the size of this update, you can see that it came in at more than 5 gigabytes on iPhone 14 Pro Max and the size may differ depending on the iPhone model you are using.

As for the official release of iOS 16.3 to the public, the date is still unknown as Apple has not announced an official release date. We hope that we can get the official version of iOS 16.3 by January next year 2023.

iOS 16.3 Features:

The first is that we now have physical security key support for adding an extra layer of protection to your Apple ID account. Physical security keys provide a robust type of two-factor authentication, physical security keys provide good protection against phishing and unwanted access to your accounts and also replace verification codes. When you try to log in or reset your password, it will be sent to all trusted devices where you are already logged in.

“This feature is designed for users who, often because of their public profile, face collective threats to their online accounts, such as celebrities, journalists and members of the government. For users who sign in, security keys reinforce Apple’s two-factor authentication by requiring a hardware security key as one of the two factors. This goes even further with our two-factor authentication, which prevents even an advanced attacker from getting a user’s second factor in a phishing scam.” -APPLE.

this feature is layer 2 of apple’s recent security upgrade, first the advanced data protection for iCloud and now we have this functionality here with the physical keys.

In 16.3 there is also a new transfer UI, so if you transfer your music to a homepod. This is the new user interface you will see; it’s just a new guide that says transfer music and operate a homepod so you can connect your iPhone to your homepod.

We’re also receiving a new music launcher promoting the new karaoke option. You have a playlist dedicated to music that works with these capabilities, as well as a playlist of songs from other genres and decades.

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