iOS 16.1 Release Date 2022

As iPhone users adjust to using the new iOS 16 update, it seems that the tech brand has something even better planned for their users.

According to recent news, Apple is all set to release their brand new iOS 16.1, which is a mini update, after the major iOS 16 update. Despite initially being enthusiastic about iOS 16, the new update has brought a lot of unstable features and functions, which Apple is expected to fix in their next update, iOS 16.1.

But when will it come out?

Well, the operating system is already in its third public beta, so it won’t be long before Apple will officially release the stable version of the software. The beta versions of this iOS 16.1 allow users to access many functionalities, including the Adaptive Transparency feature and the battery icon, but the latest beta 3 contains many more improvements and bug fixes compared to the previous betas.

Despite being already in beta, there is no official confirmation yet about the release of the stable version of iOS 16.1.

When will iOS 16.1 be released?

If the beta versions perform as expected by Apple and the bugs are kept to the bare minimum, there is a good chance that iOS 16.1 will be released by the end of October 2022.

Some reports suggest that Apple could release iOS 16.1 alongside iPadOS 16. However, there is no official confirmation from Apple yet.

Currently beta 4 of iOS 16.1 has been released and if Apple continues its beta program as normal, the beta 5 version is likely to be released in the last week of October 2022.

What’s New in iOS 16.1 Beta 4?

The iOS 16.1 beta 4 was launched a week after the official launch of iOS 16.1 beta 3. Beta 4 is now available to registered developers and public beta testers at Apple.

According to reports, the beta 4 build number is also 20B5064c, and the c indicates that the same is in the final testing phase. So there is a good chance that iOS 16.1 will come earlier than we expect.

Much has been updated in the beta 4 version of beta 3 which means that it will allow the users to have a more refined user experience unlike the bugs and issues that were common in the third beta version.


While we don’t have any official confirmation on iOS 16.1’s release date yet, we can confidently vouch that the same is likely to be out at the end of October 2022. For more updates on the new features and improvements, keep an eye out for this space.

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