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Apple has already released the iOS 16.2 beta and is soon planning to release the official update for its users in mid-December, so it is highly unlikely that iOS 16.1.2 will be released. The most recent software update, iOS 16.1.1, was released just a few weeks ago and it included bug fixes and security patches, as well as performance improvements for all compatible iPhone devices. Apple has not confirmed the release of the iOS 16.1.2 update, so it’s unclear if it will be released at all.

Will there be an iOS 16.1.2 update?

iOS 16.1 had a huge impact on iPhone performance, users took to Twitter and Reddit to express their disappointment with this update claiming that after installing iOS 16.1. they have connection problems with wifi. This was noticed by users around the world. Apple has done its best to fix the problem by releasing iOS 16.1.1. This update was basically a fix for the Wi-Fi connection issue and other security patches needed to fix. But iOS 16.1.1 wasn’t any better than the previous version either, as it didn’t really fix the Wi-Fi connection problem completely. There are still many users who have this problem.

iOS 16.1.2 release date

So if Apple plans to fix this problem before releasing iOS 16.2, we can only get iOS 16.1.2. We could expect iOS 16.1.2 to be released by the 1st week of December as Apple also has to give way to the release of iOS 16.2 as it may bring new features to its users.

If iOS 16.1.2 ever comes out, this update will likely contain bug fixes and other security patches rather than major features as iOS 16.2 will be released soon with some of the new features. So, iOS 16.1.2 can be said to be just a fix for the previous updates and improve the performance of your iPhone which has been downgraded during the other iOS 16 update versions.

iOS 16.1.2 compatible devices:

iPhone 8 iPhone 11 iPhone 13mini
iPhone 8+ iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 13
iPhone SE (2nd generation) iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone SE (3rd generation) iPhone 12mini iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone X iPhone 12 iPhone 14
iPhone XR iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 14+
iPhone XS iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone XS Max iPhone 14 Pro Max

That’s it, folks! We’ll keep you posted when Apple releases official news about this update. Currently, there are no notable sources that can provide reliable information on whether iOS 16.1.2 is in play or not, we will provide you with all the related information if it ever comes to light. Let us know your thoughts if Apple should release iOS 16.1.2 or not in the comment box below.

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