iOS 16.1.2 carrier compatibility | Seen Apple

Apple’s iOS 16 software update is in the works and iOS 16.1.2 was recently released, with minor feature updates and security patches. iOS 16.1.2 is now available to the public and can be installed on all compatible devices. According to Apple’s release notes, there are 2 improvements besides all security patches. The two improvements are improved carrier compatibility and crash detection in the iPhone 14 series.

Issues have been reported where the iPhone would lose range of carrier services and disconnect automatically. It was later revealed that this may have been due to the bug that caused the disconnection. With iOS 16.1.2 update, Apple finally solved this problem and gave its users more improved carrier compatibility with the wireless carriers. According to Apple’s press release, customers will benefit from improved compatibility with their wireless carrier. I’m not sure what impact it has since the firmware version of the modem hasn’t changed yet, but we can certainly hope that this improvement will soon be noticed on our device.

In addition to improved compatibility with wireless carrier improvements, iOS 16.1.2 also brought a crash detection fix. The new iOS 16.1.2 update improves crash detection specifically for iPhone 14 models. Crash detection improved features on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models. Apple seems to have figured out how to prevent crash detection from triggering incorrectly while riding rollercoasters. As a result, because this feature detects a crash using G4 sensors and other data, Apple revealed that roller coasters fooled the system, causing it to contact emergency services just by riding a roller coaster. The method that determines whether a user has been in a car accident has been updated in iOS 16.1.2. Now, this feature will not be confused with assuming you are in a crash when in reality you are enjoying yourself on a roller coaster.

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