iOS 15.7.3 release date

Since iOS 16 came out, there are not many updates or news about iOS 15. Earlier, we received the iOS 15.7.2 update, which came as a surprise as it was rumored that Apple may end support for iOS 15 soon. But here we got iOS 15.7.2 update for all its compatible devices. And now users are eager to know when is iOS 15.7.3 release date.

The previous iOS 15.7.2 was just a minor update that focused entirely on patching security vulnerabilities. No new features are included with this update. We can only expect iOS 15.7.3 to be released if there are bugs and performance issues with iOS 15.7.2. Well, after the iOS 15.7.2 update, there were many users who faced performance issues like battery drain, touch ID issues, and issues with third-party applications and installation processes.

Since we see all these recorded issues with iOS 15.7.2, it only seems fair that Apple should consider releasing the iOS 15.7.3 update with all the fixes and security patches. Though users don’t expect much from new features other than just better performance from their devices.

iOS 15.7.3 release date

Instead of asking for the release date of iOS 15.7.3, the bigger question now should be whether we’re going to get this update or not. Now that iOS 16.3 is coming, it’s hard to say if we’re going to get any more updates. But if Apple ever plans to release iOS 15.7.3, it could happen in 2023, but there are no specific dates or times when it could be released. We can only see iOS 15.7.3 in the coming months of 2023 if there are some emergency security patches. If iOS 15.7.3 arrived with major bugs, we can get iOS 15.7.3 earlier than expected so that the bug can be fixed in this upcoming update. Well, I don’t think we’ll ever get an iOS 15.7.3 update any time soon, as there are no big or particular reasons why Apple should release this update.

Will we get iOS 15.7.3 update?

This question is probably on everyone’s mind since Apple usually pulls the plug on the previous updates as soon as the newer version is released. And since iOS 16 is already in the works, it’s about time Apple stopped supporting iOS 15. The last update we got was iOS 15.7.2 and there’s been no news from Apple’s side since then, and they also did not mention whether they will continue supporting iOS 15 or not. It is still unclear from Apple’s side whether iOS 15.7.2 is the last update or iOS 15.7.3 is still in the works. We can only hope for the best!

iOS 15.7.3 coming out in the coming months of 2023 is just a prediction if it ever comes out. There is no official news from Apple and no known sources claim that iOS 15.7.3 will be released. If there are any updates related to iOS 15.7.3, we will notify you.

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