iOS 15.4.1 Problems and Problems

After the release of iOS 15.4 with 37 new emojis and Face ID unlock feature for wearing a mask, many users started complaining about the battery issue on iOS 15.4. When the number of users raised the issue of battery drain on the devices running iOS 15.4, Apple investigated the issue and developed the new iOS 15.4.1 update.

Apple’s new iOS 15.4.1 update has landed mainly to fix the battery draining issues. So Apple’s new iOS 15.4.1 has helped many users to solve the iPhone battery draining issue. Unfortunately, the new iOS 15.4.1 started showing some other issues as well.

iOS 15.4.1 Problems and Problems

  • After users updated the devices to the new iOS 15.4.1 update, many users from Germany faced syncing on iMessages. According to them, the messages sent from iMessage are delayed or not delivered to the other iPhone users. Even after enabling and disabling iMessage, it does not help them to solve the problem.
  • Many users also have to deal with location-based apps from Apple, such as the Weather and Find My app. Many users claim that “Weather” and “Find My” do not show the actual location; however the app shows the current real location: this iOS 15.4.1 issue.

Currently, these are the most common iOS 15.4.1 issues and issues reported by many iPhone users. We can expect the solution to these problems in the next iOS 15.5 update. If you have updated your iPhone to the new iOS 15.4.1 and encountered any problems, don’t bother to share it with us in the comment box.

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