How to View Saved Passwords on iPhone

It’s hard to remember our passwords, and it was easy when we only had one password to remember in the days of Facebook. Still, we log into so many sites these days that it’s a challenge to keep up, especially when we remember those passwords. For our privacy and security reasons, we cannot use the same password for every website. If you are a person who forgets not only the password but also the email address for the login, then writing your login details manually on a piece of paper seems like a suitable option. Let’s be honest. We don’t make that much effort to put our login details on paper.

Fortunately, Apple has come up with excellent solutions where we don’t have to remember our login details anymore because iPhone does it for us. You can create a completely unique password without worrying about whether or not you will remember it.

View Saved Passwords on iPhone

You must use the iCloud Keychain feature if you are using an iPhone and want to save your password. iCloud Keychain stores all your credentials and even fills in the blanks. Your passwords can be stored on your iPhone using the iCloud Keychain. You can set your password for all services to fill it in automatically. Optionally, you can also view your saved passwords that you entered on different devices.

View saved passwords on your iPhone

If you forgot your password and want to enter it on your device, you can access your password from iCloud Keychain on your iPhone. here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to setting up apps on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down to the password option and click on it
  3. You will be prompted to scan your Face ID or Touch ID, depending on which iPhone device you have. You can also enter your access code
  4. You will be presented with a list of websites and apps for which you have saved passwords.
  5. Click an app from the website in the list to view passwords and emails.
  6. Tap edit to view the password
  7. You will also see warnings here telling you if you are at risk of using the same password elsewhere or if your password has been compromised in a data breach
  8. Alternatively, you can also choose to remove or edit a password from your iPhone

Use Siri to view saved passwords

  1. You plan to use the city’s help to view your saved passwords. On an iPhone with Face ID, you can do this by pressing the right side button. Press and hold the home button on other iPhone models. Saying “hello Siri” also lets you use voice control.
  2. Now tell Siri to show all my passwords.
  3. You can also request a specific password for this, such as Show my Facebook password or Show my Instagram password.
  4. Then verify your identity with Touch ID or Face ID. If you want to view, copy or AirDrop your credentials.

That’s it folks! I hope this was helpful and that you don’t have to worry about remembering passwords anymore. In fact, you can edit, save or delete passwords as needed.

Until next time, with another topic. Until then, Toodles.

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