How to Use YT to Mp3 Converter on iOS?

If you are a YouTube video consumer, chances are you will come across many YouTube videos whose background music or discussion is fun and interactive to participate in. If those catch your eye and you plan on downloading the YouTube audio, there are multiple ways to arrange things.

iPhones normally don’t have a converter pre-installed, so you have to rely on third-party applications for your solution.

Several such applications are available in the App Store or you can download them from third-party iOS app stores for smoother operation. This article discusses everything you may need to know about using the YT to Mp3 converter on iOS.

What are the best YT to Mp3 converters for iOS?

There are different types of YT to Mp3 converters for iOS. However, when it comes to choosing the best, the following three are the best options that we recommend exploring.

When it comes to discussing the best YouTube to Mp3 converter, YouTube++ has to be the best in the game. It’s a free app for iOS, meaning none of the app’s services are paid, which is always a breath of fresh air.

The best thing about the YouTube++ app is that you can convert any YouTube to mp3 in minutes. The app was initially launched for Android and has since been made available for iOS.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Start the YouTube++ app on your iPhone
  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert to mp3
  • Paste the URL in the middle box on the app home page
  • From there, hit the Extract button and you’re good to go

The next YT to Mp3 converter for iOS that deserves special mention is Video Downloader Pro. It’s a pretty efficient and high-quality audio extractor, something you’d be grateful for in the long run. It’s a modified version of the web browser version of the app, so it’s reliable and has been around for quite some time.

There are privacy and security features that allow you to protect your downloaded MP3 files in a vault without any hassle.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Open Safari on your iPhone
  • Go to the search bar and type Video Downloader Pro to open the official website
  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert to mp3
  • Paste the URL into the box on the website and click Extract

You then have to wait for the extraction and conversion to finish, after which you can download the mp3 file from there.

Last but not least is the Shortcut app on iOS, which is a handy utility app for iPhones. It allows you to create shortcuts for specific actions and also instantly download the audio from a YouTube video.

However, the only drawback is that the converted audio of the YouTube video is saved in M4A or AAF format instead of Mp3. So that’s something you have to compromise on. But overall, this is a great alternative if you are someone who doesn’t want to enjoy downloading a third-party application for converting the YouTube video to mp3 format.


And that’s all you need to know about using the YT to Mp3 converter on your iPhone. If you’re confused or unsure of how things are going, we recommend checking what kind of third-party apps you’re using. The above mentioned are the best in the lot.

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