How to use TOR VPN on iOS?

Browsing the web is fun and all that, unless you are bombarded with an unnecessary onslaught of ads that pop up without any inhibition. By using a TOR compatible browser on your iOS device, you can prevent advertising services and also prevent cookies from tracking your browsing usage.

The primary use of a TOR is to encrypt your browsing history and also to shield your iPhone’s IP address. When you use a TOR compatible browser, it becomes impossible for you to track any of the IP addresses without any complications.

However, when using a TOR VPN on iOS, certain websites will not appear in your browsing process during the usual browsing experience. The main reason why this happens is to protect your iPhone from malicious content on the said website.

Ways to use the TOR VPN on iOS

Now that you have a basic idea about the TOR VPN and its significance, the next thing worth considering are the steps to use the same on your iPhone.

Technically, the process isn’t as complicated as you think. Here’s what to do:

  1. Unlock your iPhone then open Apple’s App Store
  2. Type TOR in the search bar and then tap the Search option
  3. Select the TOR compatible browser. You need to select the option that works best for your iPhone.
  4. Tap Get if it’s not a free app. If it’s a free app, you should be able to install it directly on your iPhone.
  5. Once you tap the Install button, the download process should begin immediately.
  6. Verification may also require you to enter the Apple ID or verify with the Touch ID.
  7. Once the download is complete, tap Open.
  8. If you see a prompting message on the screen, tap Connect to TOR.

After that, you should be able to use this TOR compatible browser directly to start the browsing process without any complications.

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