How to use iOS 16’s photo editing feature?

Everyone is talking about key features like configurable lock screens and long-awaited changes to the Apple Messages app when iOS 16 finally arrived this fall and introduced the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating software to iPhones. However, one of the many new tools and features in iOS 16 is a photo editing capability that will undoubtedly benefit many people, especially if you take a lot of photos with your iPhone.

The tap and lift photo feature is technically part of Visual Look Up, which debuted with iOS 15 and can detect things in your images, including plants, food, landmarks, and even pets. In iOS 16, Visual Look Up lets you pick an object from a photo or PDF by simply holding down.

The feature doesn’t have an official name, but here’s how it works: Tap and hold a photo to separate the subject, such as a person, from the background. If you continue to hold, you can ‘lift’ the crop of the photo and drag it to another app, for example to post, share or create a collage.

Note that the photo clipping option is only accessible for supported file types, usually photos, live photos, and videos. Photo Cutout only works with live photos taken on your iPhone. If your image file is not supported by iOS, this feature will not work.

How to use iOS 16’s photo editing feature?

1. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone.

2. Select an image from your collection to cut out the subject.

3. Long press the thing you want to delete.

4. A small animation appears around the object to indicate that the object has been chosen in the shot.

5. Do not release the selected object; move around the image instead.

6. Minimize the photo app with another hand or finger.

7. Navigate to the application where you want to paste the crop.

8. Once you have launched the program where you want to paste the subject, simply move your thumb over the item and it will be pasted automatically.

Unfortunately, not all iOS devices will enable this disable option. This functionality is only available for smartphones with the A12 Bionic processor or higher. See below the list of devices that support the photo clipping function.

iOS 16 Photo Cutout Supported Devices

iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone XS Max
iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 12 Pro iPhone XS
iPhone 14 Plus iPhone 12 Mini iPhone XR
iPhone 14 iPhone 12 iPhone SE2nd Generation
iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone SE 3rd Generation
iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 11 Pro iPad Mini 5″e Generation and newer
iPhone 13 Mini iPhone 11 iPad Air 3rd Generation and newer
iPhone 13 Apple TV 4K 2nd Generation iPad 8e Generation and newer

It should be noted that Apple has not made any API or SDK for Visual Look Up available to third-party developers. As a result, this functionality may not be supported by a third-party app.

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